Help! activeendevers 20% discount code

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  1. Help! I want to buy a Botkier from activeendevers that I saw recommended on here and get a 20% discount for putting in the code "toutie". I just tried to order and it didn't give me a place to enter the code and I didn't want to give all my credit info. Can anyone help me or verify that I have to go to the very end to get the discount> Cuz if i can't get it 20% off, I can't get it. Also has anyone else gotten great bags and deal from here? They are 100% authentic right?
  2. Is it on sale?

    A Note on Sale Items: We cannot apply coupon codes or promotional discounts to sale items. In cases where you purchase sale items with a code or purchase both sale and non-sale items, we will always give you the lower price.

    Please note that our checkout process will apply coupon codes to sale items, but when we actually charge your card, we will adjust amounts persuant to this policy. Thanks for your understanding and for shopping with us.
  3. That doesn't seem fair at all, they should kick the price out right away.
  4. Activeendeavors is authentic. From my experience, they subtract the discount when the company runs the order through- in other words, the only time the discount showed up was in my confirmation email from them. I put the code in the comments section.
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