Help, accused of fake paddington...

  1. Sometime ago I bought a paddington from net-a-porter, which I believe to be a reputable seller of authentic bags.

    Unfortunately whilst it was a beautiful bag, I never used it, as it was too heavy. Recently I sold the bag on eBay, with receipts and shipping info from net-a-porter as additional proof.

    I have today received this email...

    'I am really sorry to contact you but I have had a couple of things pointed out to me about the bag you sold to me as "authentic" that would suggest this is not the case. I have been advised that I should allow you to respond to this and resolve the issue prior to my reporting this to eBay Legal Department. You will be aware that selling fake items on eBay is a criminal offence.

    The main issues with the bag pointed out by an authorised retailer are as follows:

    - The tag inside the bag....They all have one in natural leather with numbers stamped on it. If the numbers are small it is a fake but MOST of all, Hold the tag where it is attached to the pocket, the stitches in your hand, are the numbers right side up, good it is Authentic. If they are not it it is a fake. Chloe put their tags in upside down so the numbers are upside down if you just grab the tags end.
    THE NUMBERS ON THE BAG YOU SOLD ME ARE THE INCORRECT SIZE AND ARE UPSIDE DOWN' Color of the metal, all of the rivets, key & lock should be the same color metal. On most of the Authentic bags it is a dark antique.

    The font on the labels is standard.

    I believed this was a genuine bag by your reassurance that this was purchased personally by you from Net a Porter. It has been pointed out that including such paperwork and packaging to authenticate a fake bag is sadly not unusual. I was also incorrectly reassured by your 100% feedback.

    I will await your response and suggested resolution. If I do not hear from you in the next 24 hours I will be reporting this as a fraudulent sale and will be asking eBay to instigate legal proceedings. Having paid you £650 in good faith you will appreciate I will take all necessary action to recover my money. If you refund immediately I will not take legal action.

    Can anyone advise. I thought net-a-porter goods were authentic. Is she getting bad advice. What should I do? :confused1:
  2. Can you post the ad for the listing so we can see pics?
  3. Chloe is inconsistent so you should be able to explain the serial number tag to the buyer - the other parts of her query we will need pictures to undertand
  4. I literally feel sick to the stomach...

    This is the thread. Thanks all.


    please just post photos, eBay auctions, links or seller's ID are not allowed to be posted.
  5. Yes, Chloe tags are very inconsistent. Some bags don't even have a tag. I once contacted a Chloe boutique and they told me that the inside tag tells them nothing about a bag. :confused1:

    Also what is the buyer referring to about the metal? What is inconsistent? Is she saying that the zippers should also be a gold color?
  6. That bag appears totally authentic. I can't see anything that would suggest otherwise. What exactly does she mean by different colored hardware?
  7. it looks fine to me....I had a tan paddington once that didnt even had a serial code, Chloe are not consistant with them at all
  8. The bag advertised is authentic.. maybe you can direct your buyer to this forum and ask her to authenticate her paddy bag at 'Authenticate This!' forum? That might help to convince her that she's getting a real deal :wlae:
  9. OMG, I just had the exact same experience on ebay with a buyer who had my paddy authenicated by My Poupette (whom apparently make all kinds of assumptions and then make their own conclusions) and they said it was fake. At the end I proved them wrong.

    I have been re-assured by Chloe NY about Aloha Rag's reputation and that there is no way to receive a fake from them. This is a link to my story:

    So I think the conclusion is you just have to trust where you got it from becuase Chloe are so insconsistent with their QC. This makes it hard for buyers for when they want to authenticate their Chloe Bags through other authenticators whom don't always know everything about Chloe.
  10. I think she is trying to rip you off.

    I know there are stories here where girls have successfully thought these types of unscrupulous buyers.

    I also know of a case where a girl accepted her bag for return and was sent a fake! This "bait and switch" is horrible and could be what this buyer is attempting to pull.

    Check her feedback- see if she has purchased a fake paddy in the past, that she might try to send back to you while keeping your real paddy and getting her money back.

    Don't refund her!!! You owe her nothing! If she has buyer's remorse then you can think to offer her the ability to return the bag; but, tell her that you have photos of your bag being packed to be sent and that if the bag you get back is NOT the bag you sent you will file Mail Fraud charges against her, shipping fake bags is a criminal offense, be firm with her, be tough, don't back down - REMEMBER - YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!!

    oh, and for the record, Net-a-Porter absolutely only sells authentic goods!!!
  11. Like someone said earlier point her here to start with. Chloe has so many incosistencies on tags, zips etc that something like the serial code being diff does not mean a fake. Looking at your auction it looks fine to me too.

    I would make her go to a store and have someone say that it is fake (which they won't as it isn't)

    I am sooo sorry that you are going through this and also she sounds horrid in her email - there is just no need for that tone.

    Big hugs and keep us posted.
  12. My Buyer threatened with a credit card charge back so be careful and check how she paid.

    If she wants to do a charge back it'll be a long battle according to Paypal. I just spoke to their coflict resolution centre yesterday.

    Do you have a way of knowing your bag for sure???

    I did with mine thank God!
  13. I've got net-a-porter to email to confirm the purchase of the item and have forwarded this on. The bag was even sold with the returns security device still fitted, as I'd never worn it. I am hoping that this is proof enough as how would I have removed the security tag and refitted it to another bag?!?
  14. Oh no! I'll tell you, I went through a bizzillion paddies last year and learned there IS no consistency! Some of the hardware studs were more tarnished than others ON THE SAME BAG, some locks/keys were slightly off from the bag hardware (I once had two tans in my possession and switched locks/keys and they both ended up looking better matched then when I got them!). Even the fonts on the padlock had different depth cuts. The serial tag can definitely be upside down - quality control is not their thing.

    That's one of the tough things about authenticating - people are so nervous nowadays that they will read a few "absolute" posts on what details your bag should have - and automatically assume the worst. Each bag will have its nuances and most bags should be authenticated on a case-by-case basis (some are obvious fakes). Definitely send your buyer to this board to authenticate your bag!

    I trust NAP 100% - if anyone knows their authentic Chloes, it's Chloes official etailer! Fred, your bag looks perfect. And mona_danya so sorry that happened to you too! My Poupette my *ss!

    Dang - oh yeah, the bait and switch scheme. I always send my bags off with my own tag like NAP with the serial number written on the tag to prevent return of a fake. If shse sends your bag back, it should have the NAP tag still on and the serial number should match your auction!
  15. I really hope she trusts you now.....what you provided should be plenty for her to trust that what you sent her is a real Chloe.

    My Buyer just didn't wanna believe me no matter what I did, which made me think she had buyers remorse!

    Oh Well!!! At least I have MY bag back and I'll just resell it.

    If you have the NAP tag on it than thats how you'll know its yours if you take it back!!!