1. OMG :cry: I am SICK to my stomach when I received her email. I really don't know how to handle this claim, as I've never had anything like it happen to me before and I don't know if I'll lose my money or not!!! :rant:

    I posted a while ago that I purchased an Epi Speedy 35 in black, from a MyPoupette seller, [​IMG]pinklady98[​IMG], for $610

    Item number: 6884272234

    It was much too big for me, so I thought I'd resell it on ebay and get a size 30 instead. I hadn't even finished uploading my own pictures of it onto ebay (was using pinklady98's temporarily) when a buyer purchased it with "buy-it-now"

    Item number: 6890325730

    So everything went well, I thought...okay, I even sent it with tracking number, and she received it today. Then she emailed me with this, and filed a paypal claim of "item significantly not as described"

    From:"" <> [​IMG]Add to Address Book [​IMG]Add Mobile Alert Subject:Re: Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #6890325730Date:Wed, 21 Jun 2006 15:56:27
    Hello, I received the bag and it is a fake. There is no interior Louis Vuitton date code as pictured in the My Poupette photos, the lining is the wrong lining, and the hardware is not the Epi hardware. The bag is plastic. The photos from the ad are completely different from the bag I received. How would you like me to proceed? I have been duped too many times on ebay by bait and switch transactions with bags guaranteed to be authentic.


    WHAT DO I DO NOW????? I never switched it, and sent it even in the same box that pinklady98 sent it to me in! How can I prove that I sent her the SAME bag that pinklady98 sent me? Do I file a paypal claim against pinklady 98? What if the girl is intending on getting paypal to take my money while giving me back a fake bag that she just bought? I took pictures of it myself in my house, how do I go about this???

    I had another paypal claim filed against me once for $11 US a week ago, 'cuz I didn't have shipping number to prove I sent it, even though that buyer ebay msg'ed me afterwards to say that he received the package. Paypal just reversed the payment automatically.

    :cry: Please help girls.... I was so happy from my first sale in the MP this morning, and now, I'm in such a depressed stage that BF thinks I should just "suck it up" that I've been scammed by either the buyer or the MyPoupette girl and never touch another LV again

    removed names and e-mail addresses
  2. well sad but pinklady's photos are down. I hope you saved her html auction or have her pic's saved.
    I hope you took pic's of the bag as well when you got it.

    I wish you the best, It doesnt seem like paypal/ebay is on the sellets side and i hope you dont get robbed for the money and bag. I guess at this point the only thing you can do is sent the money to your bank account and stop all paypal transactions on your bank account so they cant take the money. have the buyer return the bag and when you get it back same bag as sent you will refund the money or have it authenticated and return it to her. It almost sounds like buyers remorse :sad:

    perhaps email pink lady and ask her to help you out?
  3. I have heard of this happening before. I am so sorry. I don't know what to say except to tell PayPal the truth and show them your past feedback.

    oh, I feel so bad for you. There are so many terrible people out there!!! AHHH! (((((Hugs))))) and wishing you lots of luck. Maybe you can report her for being a crook and being dishonest. Ask them to check her history!! Good luck!
  4. go to your bank and stop all transaaction. close it if you have to.
  5. Paypal has already put a hold on my account, and they have (-) drawn out from my bank, on "temporary hold". That means that they have my money already, right? She filed it sometime earlier today.

    I've also contacted pinklady98 for her help in this, Can I still file a claim against her for selling me a fake bag if that really is the case? I'm so confused right now, I'm shaking and crying. Damn this, I really don't know what to do now
  6. well are you sure the bag pink lady sold was authentic.?? i know she has a good rep...but let's just for say....
  7. I'm pretty sure pinkylady isn't the one scamming you and more than likely it's the buyer. She's the one that brought up bait & switch in her message. Has she sent you the bag in return yet? Cause if you have pinklady's pictures in your listing then it'll be a little difficult to win even if you have pictures of your bag taken in your house. Did she send you an email asking for more pictures?

    As far as I know, it's really difficult for a seller to win a dispute. =/
  8. Should I contact MyPoupette website against pinklady98 then? Cuz I sent exactly what she sent me !!!

    She hasn't sent me the bag in return. Should I ask her to? I just emailed the buyer to send me pictures of her bag, and her fake hardware and the datecode that she is claiming is wrong. That way, I can compare it to my own pictures (where the scratches are, etc). And the leather on mine was not plastic!!!

    I also told her I'll be contacting the MyPoupette community and pinklady98 to accuse them of selling me a fake.

    Paypal has $625 of my funds in hold. I only had $125 in there from this morning's MP sale, so I'm not sure if they took the rest from my bank or credit card. How I do check? And How do I close it if need be?
  9. I'm going to log off for a bit. I can't even breathe properly right now, this is NOT the way my first LV selling experience was supposed to go!
  10. On the Paypal Resolvation centre:

    From buyer: on 6/21/2006 17:07 PDT[​IMG]I paid $600 for what was described as a 100% authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag. The seller represented in her ad that she had recently purchased the item from a very reputable seller (My Poupette). She linked to this seller's ad to show pictures of the bag for sale. The bag I received is a fake. It is plastic, not leather. It has none of the authentic Louis Vuitton hardware of the other Epi LV bags I own (purchased at LV in Beverly Hills). It has no authenticity tag (as described in the ad). It is a cheap forgery and I feel totally duped. The only satisfactory remedy would be for the seller to accept the bag back and refund my money. There are too many bait-and-switch artists on eBay. This is the second time I've been ripped off for a fake handbag. Fraud has to stop! If need be, I will take this piece of garbage to the Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills to document just how phony it is. I own a closet full of authentic designer bags, several of them LV and all purchased at full retail. Frankly, even a designer bag novice could spot this as a fake. It's that bad.
    AND my reply: :sad:

    I myself paid $610 US for this bag from a MyPoupette seller, who assured me that it was authentic. I certainly did not switch the bag and sent the buyer the same bag as what I received from pinklady98 on Ebay. I myself have taken pictures of the bag that I received from pinklady98 before sending it to ragmd. I request nicely that the buyer send me detailed photos of the bag that she thinks is fake, including that of datecode, details such as hardware and where major scratches lie, etc, so we can compare it to see if it is indeed the same one that I sent to her. As stated in the aucton, I was in the process of getting my own pictures up before the buyer purchased it. I do have the pictures of the vintage LV black speedy 35 with me, and would very much like to compare them to the pictures that she takes of hers. Please send me your pictures at Thank you. If worst comes to worst, I will file a claim against the MyPoupette seller pinklady98 to accuse her of selling me a fake.

    PLEASE HELP! I"m sure someone else has gone through this or knows someone who has and can offer advice
  11. I don't think you should report to my poupette yet because that'll just cause even more trouble at the moment. How about you figure out what bag the seller is talking about. It's pretty obvious that it's the buyer trying scam you. Don't trust the buyer cause they can say anything. Show us your pictures of the bag.
  12. I find it strange that the buyer clicked BIN with only seeing the pictures you provided from pinklady98. She didn't even request that you send her pictures taken by you? That's weird. It sounds like she saw a good opportunity to screw someone over, and went for it. Either she had intentions of pulling this scam all along, or had buyer's remorse.

    Stick to your story, provide pictures of the bag that you took. Document everything, and don't let her win.
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    I have more, trying to find them. And also a picture of the white Chanel I just sold, taken in the same location. Who do I send these pics to? Paypal? Who do I contact for help, should I go find a lawyer?


  15. That Chanel is stunning :shame:

    But anyway, back to the topic! The bag looks authentic. These are the pictures you took yourself and were in the process of uploading when the seller bought the bag? Can you send these photos to PayPal to support your claim?