Help -- Accordion Zip-Around Wallet pics!

  1. Hi y'all! So, I have a dilemma... I am trying to decide between the Coach accordion zip-around wallet and the LV zippy wallet, which pretty much have the same function.

    I am trying to get pictures of the inside of the accordion wallet to see how it is structured since Coach's website doesn't give you a good look at how the inside of the wallet is set up. I live in a state without a Coach boutique or outlet and so I can't go to the store and look at this wallet. Thanks!
  2. Do a search on eBay for Coach Accordian Wallet. You might find some that way. I think someone here posted one today of the mineral accordian wallet. Check the mineral threads.
  3. Does this help?

  4. I knew someone would pull through. I am at work so I couldn't help...
  5. The Coach zip around wallets are great, but I dont recommend the Mineral ones. I saw the 2 sizes last night and with the vintage look to them it just made the wallets look old and dirty. You could buy 2 Coach wallets for what 1 LV one costs. I say buy a Coach zip around wallet. And maybe a scarf and a keychain.

    There! decision made, that was easy!:p
  6. Thanks -- it totally does! But it is making my decision even harder!