Help accessorizing this dress, please :)

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  1. Hello ladies! I need some help accessorizing a dress I will be wearing to a wedding in a couple weeks. I have attached pictures of the dress and shoes, but I will need a wrap of some sort for modesty during the ceremony. I have pictures of wraps that I had in mind, but any other suggestions, plus advice about the shoes/jewelry/hair/purse, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!



    Wrap 1:

    Wrap 2:

    Wrap 3:
  2. That dress is beautiful!I love the Cream wrap! it would look great with the dress. And the shoes! I want some CL's so bad! Anyway jewelry something delicate. I think a bag that is a different color but that would complement the purple would be beautiful, like possibly a bag in a different jewel tone.
  3. Thanks, shoppinghabit :smile: So one vote for the first wrap, yeah? Any more advice welcome, fashionistas! I forgot to mention, I will be carrying a larger bag.
    I guess this one but more glossy: [​IMG] since I will have my toddler with me... I also found some purple pearl earrings off of Etsy (I kind of wanted the tahitian pearl look, but cannot afford it at this time). [​IMG] (got it customized, minus the jewel part in the center).
  4. Vote for wrap #2. To me the first one appears too heavy for that dress but then again I only have the picture to work with. I love the earrings - a perfect match to your dress.

    Is there a chance you can bring an oversized clutch instead of the RM bag? It just seems a bit casual with the lovely purple dress.
  5. Love the shoes, dress and first wrap, but agree that a clutch would work better than a bag.
  6. Thank you, ladies! I also like the color of the first wrap, but GhstDreamer, I agree about the "heaviness," especially since it will be summertime. Can anyone suggest an alternative? I've just been scouring *bay because I really don't want to spend that much. I know the purse totally doesn't go, but we are traveling from out of town with the little one, so I suppose it's better than a diaper bag...or not. ?
  7. I think the second wrap it gorgeous! But the bag seems too much for the dress! Perhaps a bag that was a similar colour to the wrap would be better even if it was the same size! Love the earrings!!
  8. Firstly the dress and Cl's are beautiful. My vote would be for the first wrap, i really like your bag but not with the outfit, i personally would go for an oversized clutch. For jewellery i would keep it simple and how long is your hair?? A loose upstyle would be lovely, don't know if your a fan of lauren conrad but if you search images of her upstyles there are some lovely ones
  9. I agree about a clutch rather than a bag. I also like the look/texture of the first wrap better, but think it looks too heavy as well.

    I went to the Saks site to see the dress up close [particularly the jeweled waistline], but the dress is gone. What does the waistline look like? You might want to try to match a clutch to it in some way.
  10. Thanks, girls! I looked for more wraps and found this one: [​IMG] I'm not too fond of the fringe/bead action, but the fabric may work better. As for the bag situation, I figured I'd have my toddler bring her little hello kitty backpack for her things. That way, I can carry a clutch for my things... I actually have a gunmetal clutch that might just work with the dress! Wo:huh:h saving money. haha
  11. i actually like the fringe/bead thing...esp with ur earrings.

    the clutch will def work better, and i :heart: those shoes!
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  13. Thank you very much! Why didn't I think to look at Etsy for that, too? hehe :smile: Love it.