Help! Accept Return?

  1. I sold a M by MJ bag on eBay last week. The buyer was really nice, everything went smoothly.

    Today I got an email explaining that the bag, which is brand new, has a red line on the tag that is attached to it and a white spoltch on the bag itself. The bag is a PVC MJ for PanAm weekender that retails for about $60, it's not the fanciest of bags. I bought three one for myself and a friend and one for eBay. I glanced over the bag and didn't see anything like she is describing, but I could of missed it. The bag however, was still all wrapped in tissue paper and inside a plastic dustbag.

    The buyer would like to return the bag, which I undestand, but I did not list any return policy on my listing because I tend to not accept them (Bait and switch, buyers remorse, high return shipping fees, etc).

    I cannot return this bag to the store and don't know if I believe the marks were there.

    Should I ::

    a. Let her return it and take the loss?
    b. Offer to give her a 20% discount and keep the bag.
    c. Offer to exchange it for the bag I kept for myself which is also still brand new and wrapped up with definately, absolutely no marks on it?

    Any input would be appreciated.
  2. Offer the exchange, that seems the least costly way.
  3. yep, I would offer the exchange. but i would definitely take pics before you send the bag out. I always do just to be on the safe side.
  4. and who should pay for the return shipping and new shipping?
  5. Did she take pictures and email them to you?

    That is what I would want to see FIRST before making any "deal" with her.

    Then if you still want to "deal", I would exchange the bag. But make sure she returns and you receive the one she has FIRST. Then send out the other bag.
  6. Whether or not you post a return policy, if the item is not as described (you didn't describe a white mark and there is a white mark), you have to take it back (if it was a paypal purchase, anyway).

    When something like this happened to me, the seller offered me a refund, and said she would refund postage costs when she got the item, but it wasn't an expensive item and it was too big a hassle to deal with. I have to say that I was perturbed, at the time, to see that the tag had been slashed, along with the garment itself - it had a scissor hole about half an inch long right where the tag was slashed. The seller said she didn't see it, that she had several of the item, and just send this one out - but I didn't think that was good enough. It was damaged and shouldn't have been sold.

    That being said, I think you do have to offer an exchange - and then, refund her postage costs when she ships the other one back. Be SURE that the new one you're sending has nothing wrong with it (if you haven't opened it at all - how would you know? Do open it and make sure!)

    You could give the buyer the two choices you gave us (exchange or partial refund) and that may make her happy.

    At the time this happened to me, I didn't have a digital camera - nor would I be pleased if a seller required me to take pictures and email them. If the buyer paid through paypal, they can actually file against you (NPS) and keep the item - and the money! You don't want that!!!! So, don't be demanding anything much of the buyer at this point - it's not her fault that the bag was damaged.

    Not if you want to build your FB.
  7. Thanks for the responses.

    Like I said I did check the bag, I have a feeling that the mark is so small that I wouldn't even have recognized it. I have perfect feedback as both a seller and buyer and am more than happy to accomodate a buyer. However, there is a lot of fraud going on with bags on eBay and I don't want to be taken advantage of. The bag is now selling for much less on eBay, maybe she thinks she paid too much. I dont know. I don't think asking for photos of the damage is unreasonable, as then I would be able to see if it was something I could of missed- if so I would be happy to settle it however she wanted- refund, exchange, etc.
  8. i think you should ask for the pictures, just to make sure that the mark is there, KWIM?
    coz there are a lot of frauds nowadays, who knows?:shrugs:

    and if u reallu miss out the mark, i guess most likely u have to pay for all od the shipping cost, but i don't know..hehe..
    good luck!

    or if it's too much hassle, the 20% discount is not a bad idea though..
  9. I agree, offer her a choice, but I think refunding her a discount would be the easiest way to solve this problem.
  10. dont be blackmailed over feedback
    you will never be able to please everyone
    its amazing what unrealistic expectations some buyers have on e bay I mean there getting a cheap deal

    Also people do thinks online that they would not do face to face ( they try it on basically )

    You sound a great responsible seller , your feedback shows that, I have also refunded everything just in the hope to not get a negative ,

    I think its quite reasonable to ask for photos hell she may of put the mark there

    set your boundaries take some control and dont give in to the feedback blackmail
    good luck with it