HELP About to buy bag from, are they definitely real?

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  1. :yes: Hi,

    I am about to purchase a Marc Jacobs bag from designer jewelry, Me&Ro, Marc Jacobs, Nanette Lepore, and rafe it's my first MJ purchase I dont have any others, are they definitely authentic, also should I go for the Stam or the banana hobo? I don't really want to spend as much as the Stam but is the banana still nice?
  2. Yes, shoptwigs sells authentic stuffs. They are great, I highly recommend them.
  3. 100% authentic bags sold there. Which MJ are you thinking of diving into?
  4. Well if you are between the two I, personally, would select the Stam because it is a very nice looking model. However, in my area, so many people have the Stam (both real and knock-offs) that its ridiculous. I don't think a day goes by that I don't see either or on the street somewhere. The Banana Hobo, however, I rarely see out for some reason. I've seen it here and there and its a very nice shape but it doesn't get around as much as the Stam. Probably because the Stam is the "it" bag and the Banana is not. The Quilted Classic Ingrid is quite nice too, what do you think of that?
  5. It's just the banana and the Stam are the ones on there, I have a Chloe Paddy and Balenciaga and some other bags I just wanted a simple black bag that would be really versatile, how can you tell fake Marc Jacobs? I have no idea about this brand! To be honest I didn't really want to spend the extra on the stam but will of people don't like the hobo! How big on is the hobo I have never seen it in real life, does it sit well on the shoulder? Why is itcheaper than the Stam? Sorry so many questions!:yes:
  6. Also what is squidoo?

    And on NM they have the classic Blake in black for $100 more than the banana hobo, should I get that instead? I just like the quilting and zips!
  7. ALL authenticity questions must be asked in the Authenticate This! stickies.
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