help!about lv purse!

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  1. I found a problem of my new lv purse. Look at this pic, see the difference of the color, should I go to the store and change another one?:blink:
  2. Yes!!!
  3. yes..should not settle for something less !
  4. ooh i see it! if it bothers you then you should exchange it!
  5. yes! if it bothers you know, it will bother you even more later.
  6. I dont think it would bother me personally, since it'll end up patina'ed evenly anyways. Was it a display piece, one side might have gotten more light than the other.
  7. YES....It will bother you if you don't SO DO IT ASAP
  8. where is the color change? on your handles?..if it isnt..yes change it!
  9. That was definitely a display piece. I'd return it.
  10. I agree, that would bug the heck out of me
  11. Since you already noticed it, it will bother you. You should exchange it immediately, what probably happened was that it was a display purse and it got more light on that handle.:biggrin:
  12. you should definately return it for a new one. esp for the price you paid.
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