HELP! about Louis Vuitton Lines

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  1. Im making a presentation for the school its about whatever i want so i choose LV All i need to know is ALL The lines LV Have like ALL Of Them
    I Know
    Monogram Canvas
    Monogram Cerises
    Monogram Cherry Blossom
    Monogram Denim
    Monogram Mini Lin
    Monogram Vernis
    Monogram Groom
    Monogram Multicolore
    Monogram Glace
    Damier Canvas
    Damier Azur
    Damier Lune
    Damier Geant

    I Also know the Monogramouflage (which is the real name of this line?)
    And the new Damier (The dark gray one. what's its name?)

    Thanks So much 4 Ur help!
    TIA! TIA!:smile:
  2. They have every line that's in production up on the website,
    and I believe the new Damier line is called Graphite.