HELP!!! about CS


Dec 13, 2009
Need a little help here...

I placed an order online at for two iphone cases (one pink one black)..
when they arrive I was already out of the states and my secretary told me that the pink one was totally cracked when they arrived.
so I emailed the customer service about what I should do..

no reply but after a few days, my secretary told me a replacement one came so he just sent both of them to me (to where I am in Japan now)

but then again.. after another few days, the customer service sent me another email all of sudden asking me to return the cracked one.

I was so confused and surprised because from the beginning no notification was sent to me from and now they are asking me for the cracked case which was already thrown away by my secretary (again. no email was sent to me from and I didn't know I'd still need it...) wish I had kept it...

no idea what customer service would do... worried if they would charge my card for the replacement one and the shipping..

I have never experienced anything like this.. just thought maybe anyone here would know or have experienced anything similar like this??



Back to reality
May 2, 2006
Try calling them and explain the situation. The worst they're going to do is charge your card again, and then you can fight it through your credit card for a charge back. It's a weird situation, since it boils down to he said she said, ya know? Did your secretary take a picture of it by chance to prove it was cracked? And then you can send them the photo...?