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  1. Normally I have no trouble in reading english, but I have some problems understanding all the abbreviations used in this forum.
    Currently I'm wondering about DH? I figure that it is xxx husband, but I'm not sure, just like BF means Boyfriend.
    Can anyone help me, please.
    Also - I you have any other abbreviations I should know about, please let me know.

    Thank you :roflmfao:
  2. ^ yep, that link is very helpful.

    DH usually means "dear husband," but i've also heard it jokingly referred to as "damn husband" or "dumb husband" :roflmfao:... i don't think anybody really means it that way, though.

    BF can also stand for "best friend."
  3. Sweetie...I only speak English and I have not heard a lot of these abbreviations! So, i love that you made this thread and thanks rileygirl for the abbreviation thread. I decided it must be a generation thing...??? Somehow I missed the abreviation
  4. Thanks for your help, everyone :supacool:

    I'll check the abbreviation thread right away
  5. the abbreviation generation came around the time of internet chatting. where "ASL" first was introduced.. and then came along the likes of LOL, ROFL, or WTH. now, there's a whole slew of abbreviations.. i'm sure there are enough to make a small book out of.
  6. Ugh...I hate hate hate the term DH, DD, DS.. et al!

    Ok, done venting. ;)
  7. Charles...I kind of do too...although I catch myself doing it from time to time! Each time I do...I think omg (I did that on purpose, btw...same with that...muwahhh) I'm becoming illiterate and lazy...most lazy!!;)
  8. well there's always PHH... purse hating husband. lol.
  9. ahaha I love PHH. I think Jill made this popular?
    If I was mrried, I'd definately use it..
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