HELP!! abandoned kittens living under my garage

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  1. This morning my boyfriend saw two small kittens at my back door, and all day they have been playing in the bushes in my yard. Me and my sister went out to look (Im in college and living with my sister and her fiance). Our neighbor came over and said they saw them a few days ago, and they had been with the mother but she ran off. They have been leaving food and water for them, but we saw that they have been living in a small storage space under the garage. There is no animal rescue places where I live, only a place we can drop them off at.

    Our neighbor said she is thinking about keeping one of the kittens and I am thinking about keeping the other one. I have never really had my own pet (we have had two family pet dogs, but none at this house now). I would LOVE to keep this kitten, and we are going to try to get into the vet first thing monday to get the kitten looked at and have it shots (my sister is willing to loan me the $ since I dont have enough at the moment. but I do have enough to buy food/litter stuff like that).

    So I have a few questions... first, does anyone know what kind of kittens these are? And I would love to have oppinions about me keeping a kitten (how to take care of kittens ecet..) I have my own bedroom & bathroom and its all tiled floors. I have a pretty big bathroom and thats where I would keep the litter box. Im a full time student and work part time, but I am home every night by 4 and home all weekend unless I run to the store. My sister is home all day during the week and only has night school so she will be home during the day.

    Thanks! Here are pictures of the two kittens :smile:


  2. AW they are tabby cats! Very cute. Gets lots of toys and a scratching post
  3. more pictures...I just went outside and sat there..they came right over next to me:smile:



  4. Thank you! glad to know what kind they are...and I will get a scratching post and toys when I go get some food later! Im excited:biggrin:
  5. oh, aren't they cute???? You and your neighbor are so wonderful to take them in! The boyfriend and I got one of our kitties as a stray and he has the coolest personality ever. I was scared that he wouldn't know how to use a litter box but we put him right in it and he knew exactly what to do. All tile floors is nice so you can sweep up litter easily. I do have to say though...kittens are naughty! I just got one and had to hide my nicest purses since she chews on the tassels! Also, my kitten attacks me when I'm sleeping :P It's all play though, but be sure to get plenty of toys - our kitten loves anything that jingles or has feathers on it.

    It's nice that they are already used to being around people, so they'll be easy to catch!
  6. Those are some cute kittens...and you have a very kind heart.
  7. They are so cute and look just like my cat! all white back feet and the front just look slightly dipped in white!

    My cat was very easy to train I just put her in the cat box and made her scratch the litter a few times and she has never peed anywhere else.
  8. Thanks everyone:smile: So, all the vets (except emergency ones) are closed untill monday. My sister says we have to leave the kittens where they are untill then. Monday we are going to borrow my dads dog crate to take the kitten I want to the vet. I know they have been around for about a week, but Im a little worried they will roam away! Im going to the store in a few minutes to buy some food and a toy, hopeing if i give them a treat and get them to play, they will stay! My neighbors have been leaving food on their deck and the kittens go back and forth from the back of our garage in the bushes to their deck to eat. Ill cry if they leave :crybaby:
  9. OMG, the kittens are so cute!

    My kitty was a stray, and like everyone else's cat, he figured out what the litter box was for as soon as I put him in it.

    My kitty loves the toys that look like mice. He will chase them around for hours :lol:
  10. Oh they are so cute!! I am so happy you and the neighbour are taking them in they are beautiful little guys!
  11. You and your neighbour are going to give them great homes! Why don't you try and keep them in your neighbour's garage for now until you get them checked out by the vet. I would worry about them roaming around at night.
  12. poor kittens finally find a kind master and comforable home, heh heh!
  13. They are so adorable! :biggrin: Try to socialize them with as many humans as possible, especially early in their lives.

    Cats that live in the wild are called feral cats. Feral cats often grow up to be deathly afraid of humans. They will hide from humans and any loud noises. And it will become very difficult after that to socialize them to live with humans.

    My mom adopted a kitten that was living under her porch and for the 16 years that she had him--and she kept him as a strictly housebound cat--he would hide from everyone except her. In fact everyone used to kid her that she kept an invisible cat, and maybe he didn't exist at all, because he would hide whenever anyone else came into the house.

    Good luck and keep us posted! They are really precious!
  14. So, the kittens are still here this morning:smile: Im actually gonna not go to my morning class tomarow (I have class all day till 4) so I can get the kitty to the vet. Tonite Im going to go get kitty litter, food, and a scratch post. Any one recomend kitty litter? I have read the clumping ones can make the kitten sick, so I do not want to do that!
  15. ^^really? never heard of that. i've read the litter threads on this subforum and didn't come across it.
    i've heard so many good things about feline pine but i didn't get it b/c once it's wet it'll turn into powder. i thought about it and got the arm and hammer instead and i didn't realize it is clumping. but i do like it..makes the scooping much easier.