HELP!! A xx's e-mail make me hung in front of my computer~about eBay transaction

  1. I have successfully purchased authentic items from eBay.
    You have to just be careful; buy from reputable sellers with immaculate feedback, and use the same criteria with buyers.

    Apple, I'm sorry to say that you brought this upon yourself by A) giving a potentially shady buyer the okay to bid on your item, and then B) changing your story midstream (the business with the coffee). You were not 100% honest with the buyer, you really don't have the moral high ground here.

  2. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking... ugh!
    Sparkles are you a therapist?
  3. That is exactly what happen to AppleB (seller), that is why she doesn't want to go through with the transaction! She thinks this a bait and switch scam AGAIN. I'm more suspicious of the buyer, pushing so hard for the sell and she has questionable feedback?! :suspiciou ....IMO, I think AppleB (seller) should just tell her NO REFUNDS PERIOD....take it or leave it. This is the biggest reason why I don't want anything to do with Ebay, the bait & switch scam.
  4. You got it!....that's exactly what I added this up to!
  5. :huh: I have a headache - and I really should be doing some work...........
  6. oh dear..............
  7. ..........
  8. So the drama ..................Sheesh
  9. Well, what is the point for you by saying this? Oh, thanks anyway, at least let me know another person.
  10. From:"M"
    I'm giving you an opportunity to make this better. Please try to accomodate me, I'm not agreeing to any cancelation. I don't want to report you to ebay. I'm not buying the whole its broke or coffee spilled on it lie. Sell me my bag or else I will contact ebay and I will make a big deal about it, trust me!--M

    I think this will be her last assault. I just learned something and ignore this xx. I've contact eBay.That's about it. I just share some personal experience, that might help somebody and myself. Am not to impute anyone. Just take it easy...Although I can't.
  11. Still confused by the story but convinced to stay away from EBay and pray that some PF member will sell a cerises speedy soon LOL
  12. IMO, if I had any reservations that I had won a fake bag after several emails with the buyer and questionable authentication issues, I would be happy to cancel the auction. So why is the seller being so adamate about going through with the sale? I don't have $600 to spare in order to play mind games with someone I don't know. I'm not taking sides with the buyer either. This whole story is fishy.
  13. I sort of get it ... but I don't understand why the seller is posting this! And the point of this is ..........?
  14. The point is to get some help. Now everything is done.
  15. Apple - I understand your situation but I think you should know that your intentions for posting your personal business here are not clear to us? First of all, your first posts were to tell of this, I am not judging your Ebay experience; but, I am questioning your reasoning for divulging your story here?

    Basically, we all know to be weary on Ebay, and we really can't offer you much advice as we do not know you. I think there may be a bit of a language barrier here as well; perhaps you have taken the buyer to be pushy and shady, where she is just blunt and direct. You may have been percieved as a liar when you have just not taken the precautions necessary to protect yourself when selling expensive items on Ebay.

    The ladies here have given you great advice, attach a tag - offer no refund policy - get the bag authenticated by MyPoupette yourself - hopefully, you can move on from here and become a contributing member to the forum - then the ladies here can get to know you for you, and not for your Ebay experience. :biggrin: