Help a very confused newbie

  1. I have been driving myself crazy :nuts: finding "the perfect" first Chanel bag for myself. I pretty much know that I'll eventually end up with a good collection, (after seeing all of the amazing purchases here I don't doubt it!)...but want the first one to be one that makes the most sense for me, right now anyway.

    I've been on the forum for a few weeks, and after seeing all of the trunk show pics and new purchases, I thought that I had settled on a tote...the Pocket in the City medium, vs. Modern Chain N/S or E/W. I need a more everyday kind of bag and I think all of those would fit the bill.

    BUT.........after being on the forum for the last few weeks, and hearing about price increases and so on, I'm now wondering if getting one of the classics would be a better idea now. I've tried on the GST and wasn't instantly in love, but that's also b/c I wasn't truly focusing on it. Should I also look into a jumbo flap? I am also completely and totally in love with the timeless caviar clutch, but that's off in left field and will have to wait!!

    I'm 5'4" and medium build if that helps at all. I've tried on ALL of these bags and honestly just can't decide. They're all so beautiful! But is that also a sign that I should keep looking, since none of them are screaming "take me home right now"??? :confused1:

    Looking for advice from the Chanel pros and other newbies too. Thanks!
  2. I think every Chanel lover should have a classic flap in their collection. I recommend just going to the nearest boutique and trying on the different sizes to see what you love. Apparently the prices aren't going up until November 1 so you have some time to decide what you want and save up. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. Get the jumbo classic, it's going up to $2600 in Nov!
  4. You can never go wrong in Classic Flap and Reissue:yes:
    and if you intend to buy for an everyday bag. How about the Black Jumbo Classic Flap?
    since you're confused. why dnt you set some standards. :smile:
    -Will all your daily stuffs fit in?
    -Does it blend in your wardrobe?
    -Does it fit your lifestyle?
    -Is it practical?
    -Do you need it? (which is hard if you really like a bag:biggrin:)
    -Do you like it?

    it should be able to narrow down your choices:yes: Hope i was able to help. and Goodluck!
  5. Thanks for the input:smile:
    Although I do hate that price increases etc should dictate what I want, it does absolutely make sense for me to look into the classics before the price increase. I will keep browsing, and maybe get around to actually trying a flap on!
  6. Another vote for a Jumbo Classic Flap.