Help!!! A Speedy Or A Saint???

  1. I have been looking and waiting for a very long time for a BORNEO GREEN
    Speedy 25 or a Saint Jacques pm in short strap...
    The good news is...
    I finally found a Saint Jacques in short strap
    and in like new condition!!! ...bought it last night...:yahoo:
    but after I made the payment...
    I also found a green Speedy 25 in great condition!!!:push:
    I don't want 2 bags in the same color but which one do I choose???:confused1:
    I know not a lot of pfer's like the green...
    but I do love it so much!!!
    specially in these gorgeous bags!!!
    Please HELP!!!!
    (totally fell of my ban again...:shame: :sweatdrop: )

    a7d0_1[1].jpg 4b74_1[1].jpg
  2. speedy! for sure :choochoo:
  3. I adore green!:love: I absolutely :heart: the color and these are not two styles I would consider normally, but in the green.....:drool:
    I'm gonna choose the speedy though. I think the Saint Jacques would look better in red or black.
  4. OMG, I love this green... I want a Speedy so bad :love:
    Get the Speedy, it's absolutely gorgeous. Plus I'm not a big fan of the Saint Jacques in general.
  5. Speedy. I'm not loving the color of it on the st. jacques.
  6. Thanks ladies!
    I really like the speedy too...
    oh... but I still like the St. J too...
    and they are both so hard to come by... specially in this condition!
    I'm thinking...
    maybe keep them for a while and try to get the feel of the two,
    then sell the one I feel less for???:shame:
  7. My vote is for the speedy.
    But yes, get both and get the feel of them and then sell the one you get less use out of.
  8. the speedy! :heart: the color.
  9. I LOVE THE SPEEDY IT'S SO UNIQUE :yes::yes::yes:
  10. SPEEDY!!!
  11. LOVE the green, I vote for the speedy, too.:yes:
  12. St. Jacques - since you can get a Speedy anytime, anywhere, the St. Jacques looks to be even more unique and beautiful. I have a feeling too that you're leaning toward the St. Jacques more as well :yes:
  13. I think they're both gorgeous but my vote is for St. Jacques! I love mine and it's the most functional, easy to use bag, easy to open/close and holds a ton. good luck with your decision.
  14. i like the st jacques since it's a shoulder bag.
  15. Saint Jacques, perfect for summer and very unique.