Tech help! a second screen appeared in the upper right corner of my TV screen

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  1. and it seems to play what is currently on Fox as I try to watch 24 on my DVR. it is driving me CRAZY. I have been pressing buttons on my remotes but can't figure out what made this happen. I can only assume that my cat stepped on my remote while I was out. advice desperately needed!
  2. It sounds like you hit your picture-in-picture (PIP) button by accident. Check to see if your remote have a PIP button.
  3. it worked. thanks - I feel like an idiot
  4. LOL! PIP attacks again!!
  5. LOL!! Don't worry, I discovered this key a few weeks ago, thank God my BF was nearby, but despite that fact I still screamed and freaked out.

  6. Glad it worked. I only know about PIP b/c my dad is in love with PIP. I don't use it myself.
  7. my tv box says i have picture in picture but i can't figure out how to get it to work! i'll have to check my remote to see if i have a pip button. god forbid that the manuals that come with these things actually have some useful information.
  8. I second you about the manual .. have you got a LG tv?
  9. nope I have a Sony.

    and how's this for frustration. when i got mine, i *knew* of hdmi cables but wasn't aware that they were needed. the salesman made no mention of "oh hey you might want an hdmi cable, let me sell you one" so i got home and hooked up my tv to my cable box and i was like "THIS is hdtv?? this looks like crap!" so then i'm going through the manual and it mentions hdmi cable about a million times. so i figure i should go buy one. i go out and buy one. hook it up. CAN NOT figure out how to get my cable to work! complete static. says absolutely nothing in the manual. i had to google it to figure out that i need to hit the 'input' button and select the hdmi port on screen. Thanks Sony!