HELP~~~ a question about the Colors of 08a/w!

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  1. Hi Ladies~~~ :wlae::wlae: there is a color named Electric Turquoise on balenciaga's offical website, is this the same color as Electric Blue or the Turquoise is brighter than the Blue? and which color do you prefer if those are different colors?

    need your help..... many many many THANKS:heart::heart:
  2. anyone can help me PLEASE...
  3. '08 Turquoise is VREY different from '08 Electric Blue. Below are other tPFers' pics side-by-side, so you can see the difference right away. first pic is '08 Turquoise, second is '08 Electric Blue.

    as you can see, turquoise is more aqua, with more green. electric blue is an intense, deep cobalt/sapphire blue.

    Also, you can search for various blues in the following thread:


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  4. oops, not sure why the 2nd pic of the Electric Blue didn't take. here it is again:

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  5. actually, here's a really good pic comparing Turquoise and Electric Blue, right next to each other. pic belongs to the GH queen, fuchsiafirefly. :smile:

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  6. God... both of them are gorgeous... thanks BHmommy... the pics are really helpful!!
    i am thinking to get a EB GSH from the website... but i just find another thread...


    SO, the problem has been fixed or not... could anyone tell me what the EXACTLY color is if i order the "electric turquoise"??

    thanks in advance