help a Prada newbie!

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  1. this Prada is actually for my mom. my sister & i want to surprise her with a nice bag since she doesn't have one. i've been looking and it seems like Prada doesn't really have official names for their bags? the ones i've been eyeing are:

    can't get the pic to post, in black:

    so i was wondering if you ladies could help me find one secondhand on eBay/Bonz for <$800? i've seen them, but i keep missing it. or something similar, could you let me know? and how does the soft calf hold up? my mom is not very gentle with her bags at ALL :P
  2. nobody?
  3. Well, the second bag on your list is available (brand new) at Wardows for &#8364;558.57 (once you indicate that you're shipping to the US the 19% vat is taken off and add &#8364;30 for shipping). That converts to a bit less than $800 - but you likely will have to pay duty and maybe taxes depending on where you are.

  4. ^it's not there anymore :shucks:

    can anyone help? or am i on my own.. :Push:
  5. I just had a look. It's still there.