HELP!!! A pencil went through my gf's purse!

  1. I was moving my gf's purse and instead of just picking it up and placing it down, I threw it (pretty high) onto my bed. When I went to my bed, I noticed the pencil sticking out.. SH!!!!!!!!T

    Is there anyway to fix it? I called LV and they cannot repair it. This is my last hope! Buying her a new one is out of the question.

  2. What kind of purse is it? Can you post a pic of the damage they may be able to repair or maybe just a section it depends on purse and location of the problem

    ETA: opps sorry I didn't read the post right you already checked with LV
  3. why can't LV repair it? Although taking the bag apart would be a more costly repair, I think they should be able to. It's just a matter of changing the inside lining and a part of the canvas...
    Apparently you do not want to buy her a new purse, then definitely insist on getting it repaired by calling again, otherwise... you *should* pay her back with whatever the current retail value of the bag is or use this money to buy other things...
  4. oh no! what bag is it? where is the damage?
  5. wow - that must have been one well sharpened pencil...

    I would just show it to her and see what she says. Maybe you could find an identical one on eBay that is the same condition as hers and buy her that one. I bet there are some people who would buy the purse that was damaged on eBay so you might only have to shell out a small amount of money. I've seen really old speedys in terrible shape go for a good amount of money.
  6. Did you tell Lv exactly where the hole is? Perhaps as mentioned above it is fixable. If they haven't actually seen the bag how can they know if it can be repaired. Best of luck to you.
  7. I took the bag the Speedy 35 into the Beverly Hills store and they told me that once the leather is ripped or cracked, they can't fix it. The pencil was from a recent exam she took. There were two other ones there.

    I don't have the purse with me but the hole is on one of the long sides. It's really hard to tell but I think the hole will get bigger as the leather stretches.

    Looks like I will have to tell her. Guess I'm not getting my new bike.

    PS-Are all LV associates stuck up? I walked by 3 of them before asking the security guard where to go for repairs. Guess I didn't look rich enough.
  8. Lol.

    Horrible mess.. I'm sorry but you sound kinda stuck up.. Lol.. "Guess i'm not getting my new bike." >.> You just 'ripped' a hole into your gfs purse.. an LV purse.. and you say you won't buy her a new one.. Ok.. then what is she suppose to do with a purse.. that has a hole in it.. that she didn't make.. :huh:

    I don't know.. >.> Sorry if I came off a little rude.. Lol.

    BTW. How big is this hole? Like the size of the pencil? or the lead part of the pencil?
  9. You don't know what's hidden behind xmas door number 4.
  10. LOL! well... if he REALLY wants the bike, then I guess he should start preping to APOLOGIZE like mad... lol

    Here to the OP: some pointers lol--> take her out to THE FANCIEST restaurant you can afford (which may cost more than your bike... but it'll still be less than getting her a brand new Speedy! lol) and explain........ Girls usually won't blow off at you in a setting like that.... lol
  11. Hahaha. I agree, though. Just saying... :yes:
    Hope you can get it fixed...and still get your new bike...
  12. the pencil must be real sharp then ;)
    i mean....the inside is canvas lining and the monogram is thick canvas too.
    maybe you should tell your girlfriend. the hole might be there before, and the pencil just stick out as you threw it down your bed. maybe it wasnt ur fault.
    tell her and yeah, if it was your fault whatever she wants,lol
  13. I find this hard to believe.:confused1:
  14. If I were your friend, to me, LV's are precious!

    I am surprised that it can't be will have to tell your friend, but you did this, not your friend.

    I hope that she is understanding, but be ready. She may not be very forgiving.
  15. It was just an accident...... so just say a huge sorry and it should be fine I hope!