Help a nice guy out here!

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new here and was hoping someone...anyone can help a guy out here.

    So here's the story. Me and the lady went down to Minneapolis this summer so she could buy her Coach soho signature patchwork purse with crimson snakeskin. At the time she didn't like any of the matching wallets, so she didn't get one. She really a wanted the french purse wallet but they didn't make one matching at that time.

    A few months later they make a large french purse wallet with the crimson trim. She was so happy but we never got around to buying one.

    So with Christmas rolling around I was hoping to surprise her and get her one. Low behold I cannot for the life of me find one.

    So please I beg you, help a guy out here and point me in the right direction on where to get one. Perhaps someone out there has one to sell.
  2. Check to see if there's an outlet store in your area...maybe they'll have it or know where to get it? Sorry I can't be more helpful!
  3. I would call coach directly and explain what you are looking for...they should be able to elp you! good luck!
  4. And check ebay. There's no selling allowed on this forum.
  5. not sure about the french purses, but i've seen the regular wallets at outlets. try there.
  6. I would call coach.
  7. definantely call coach! they can ship it to you from anywhere there is one!
  8. btw thats very thoughtful of you!! im sure your lady will love it!! Btw, very impressed that you know the name! haha none of the boys in my life would ever know the name of a coach bag
  9. Thanks for all the tips ladies!!! :yes:

    Here's another problem of mine...I live in Canada. And when contacting Coach stores in the U.S. they say they cannot ship to Canada, and I should contact the Canadian stores. :cursing:

    After contacting all the Canadian stores none of them were helpful, as they all did not have any on hand.

    Also, checked ebay and they are no where to be found...

    I'm willing to hear any more ideas

  10. Yep those are the color/pattern i'm looking for. Except in the french purse style. I've seen the ones you posted on ebay before. The envelope one is too big for her, so she says. But I might have to bite the bullet and get the wallet.

    I really want to get her the french purse though!!

    Thanks for looking out!:smile:
  11. Wow...I don't even remember seeing a french wallet in that! Good luck! And good for you for trying to do such a sweet thing for your girl!
  12. That's the kind of guy I am I guess. I pay very close attention to my lady, and I am willing to go that extra mile for her just to make her smile!
  13. We saw it on the website. It wasn't snakeskin, but the crimson matches the trim of her purse.

    I did see it on ebay once but it was part of a package deal if I bought the satchel. So I definately know it exists...