Help a Newbie....

  1. I did a search but im still confused:confused1:....Im looking for a bag that will fit over my shoulder, Im 5"4 & 110lbs. Im not interested in the hobos. I like the work, city, giant city?,part time. I also like the big hardware...giant hardware.

    Can someone pls tell me...:love:
    1. what bag will fit over my shoulder using the handles not the strap
    2. what are the measurements of these bags i mentioned above
    3. what bags come with the giant hardware
    4. what are the current prices on these
    Sorry, for so many questions but we do not have a store in my country so I will be ordering my bag from the US or HK. Thanks for your help!:okay:
  2. oh, would be VERY helpful
  3. Hi Rica....I think the Part Time will fit over the shoulder, the work (the work is huge though). The regular hardware city runs about $1100 (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and the giant hardware city runs $1595...I think the giant hardware part time is about $100 more than the city. Measurements are appx 15x9 on the city and 16x8 on the part time. Not sure what the measurements are on the work bag. I hope someone can post pics here for reference. Good luck!!!
  4. PS; I think they all come with giant hardware :smile:
  5. Antonia, thanks for the help...I hope people can post pics with the part time & City on their shoulder.
  6. Here for prices, dimensions.
  7. Hi rica! welcome to Bbag land :graucho: always nice to see a fellow pinay here @ the forum, yes, please do use the Reference Library link, it is very helpful, generally all the styles u mentioned will fit over your shoulder, the City would prolly just be right, not much room to move around in though, only the the twiggies and first do not come with giant hardware though. Where do you plan to get your Bbag? I heard of only one shop there carrying Bbags....
  8. Thanks...very helpfull!!!
  9. Hi! Im either going to buy it in HK (when I go) or order it from the US. Can you tell me how much the Giant City & Part Time with Giant Gold Hardware is over there? What colors are available?
  10. I just called BalHK, they have the Giant City(HK$13,300) in Sahara, Black, BG, and Sky Blue, for Part Time(HK$13,800), they only have Vert Thyme.:smile:
  11. Rica, If you are planing to buy from US, you might want to consider Their had quite a selection of colours for Giant City last week. Do email them, they reply all their mails promptly. :flowers:
  12. yes they do! :smile:
  13. here's a city[black] sitting on my shoulder, but definitely wont fit with a jacket on. you're looking at slightly more space if it's a giant city.
    btw im 5'10, 110 pounds for your reference.
    good luck hunting!!
  14. Thanks for your help!