Help! A newbie sent me an offer, what should I do?

  1. I'm selling my high-end purse on eBay. I received an offer from this newbie for $1500 but I noticed that her eBay id is only 1 day old!!! Argh!! Why would someone new and with 0 feedback bid/send an offer this much right away? Is this a scammer? Pls help:hysteric:
  2. That is a high price item, have you put in your listing you will only send to a confirmed address if they pay with paypal?
  3. Yes I stated that I will only send it to a confirmed address. Her offer is a reasonable price for me to end my auction. I want to accept her offer, but I don't how serious this buyer is since she has no history of buying/selling.
  4. I would just accept the offer, is she make payment by a confirmed address thats fine! If she makes payment by an unconfirmed addresss refund straight away and point them out to your auction listing.
    Id the item has only been on a day or so you dont have to accept the offer straight away, ofthen when other buyers see there is an offer already in pending if they are interedted they will also make an offer!
  5. Maybe she saw your bag and it was one that she had been looking for and then signed up for Ebay so she could buy it. You had zero feedback once too, and everyone has to start out somewhere. There's no way to know if she/he is a scammer, but just because they have zero feedback does not make them one.
  6. I would accept the offer, but I would not ship until the balance has cleared my acoount and I was able to transfer the balance into another account. So, in short, accept, but take all precautions.
  7. Thank you, guys! That makes me feel alot better. I just feel paranoid with so many bad things that are happening on ebay. I just accepted her offer and we'll see how it goes..
  8. I agree with Skigirl73 :smile:
  9. Some of my best sales have been with newbies.

    Transfer the funds immediately to your bank account and wait to ship the bag until the transfer is complete. Make sure that you send the bag to a confirmed address with insurance and signed delivery.
  10. That should cover you! BUT make sure to state that you do not accept returns just in case she tries to switch it for a fake one.
  11. Decline!!! I have nothing but bad experiences with 0 feedback buyers. I had 6 this year, 3 asked me to ship to Unconfirmed address, the others wanted to pay with an authorized payment method! I'm so sick of them!...
  12. Everyone starts at 0, though. You have to start somewhere. I was a naive 0 fb n00b once upon a time. Good communication makes all the difference. Even though I now have 20fb, I still make sure to start a line of communication with the seller. :smile:
  13. I agree with everyone..we all once had zero feedback...if they have a confirmed address then it should be ok. just make sure the payment clears before sending the bag. but dont 4get to tell her that your going to ship the bag after the payment clears.