Help a Newbie please

  1. Hi everyone,
    First off, thank you for reading this cry for help :shame:

    I've been seeing Balenciaga Bags on girls, and I reallly like them.

    Problem is, I have no clue where to get one. Do they have a store where I can go to? or is it sold at a certain store?

    Any guidence is greatly appreciated. THANKS:flowers:

    Oh and what are the price ranges? How much damage are these bags to my wallet?

  2. Hi ReelieNia. Welcome! Where are you located? If you check out Tanja's thread there's a catalogue posted with the upcoming colours, styles and (eep!) prices.

    If you're in Europe some of the stockists will post to you, same as Balenciaga directly (NY, not sure about Paris).

    Check out the link that Jennifer posted, it's a very helpful site with loads of info.
  3. Cal I absolutely love your avatar. :lol:

    Reelienia Call Balenciaga NY. You can order over the phone and even request a bag that is not too veiny or distressed. Joseph is a wonderful SA. I think he's the mgr. He will be happy to help you.
  4. thank you guys!! i'm in LA, and visiting ny in august. I'll ck the sites n start saving again.

    *sigh* I just got another gucci last month. should've thought it through and asked for help earlier! hee

    again, thank you guys