Help a Newbie, please

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  1. I want to buy my first Balenciaga bag and I love the new 2008 color. I think the Pink or Blue shade one.

    I wanna know when it will be out?

    and which style I should get? I don't want her to be out anytime soon. Any recommendation ,please?

    Thanks a lot! :flowers:
  2. The SA I spoke with said they may start arriving 12/21 but I think others have been told other dates?

    As far as which style to buy~ what size bags are you accustomed to carrying? What bags do you like size wise that you have in your collection now? We can help you from there.
  3. I went to Harvey Nics and I love the Step style :smile: but am not sure whether the classic one is better (the one celibrities always carry).

    Normally am a fan of Tote bag (Chanel and LV) but all of my bags are totally different with Balenciaga. :yes:
  4. I think you should go back and try on the different styles. The city style is one of the most popular ones. The step is a new style that came out this year and a lot of people love them too. The city has an additional shoulder strap that is detachable but otherwise the sizes of both the bags are pretty much the same.
  5. Thank you very much Zacorey for your fast reply :smile:

    At Harvey it has not much selection. I think they are only 3 styles there. Step, City,the Bubble style one and another shoulder bag style (I don't know the name)

    The color are only white, Blue, Red, Black

    Thank you ! I'll wait for a new 2008 color. I'm more into Balenciaga when see the thread about 2008 collection.
  6. You're welcome!!! Yes~ I'm excited for the new colors too!!!! Best of luck!!!
  7. You're so kind. Thank you :smile:

    Seems like you are the only one who try to answer my question :smile:
  8. if you're a tote gal, then the Step is certainly better than the City. you could also consider the Day style. if you want the bag that most celebs carry, then it's the First or City, whether you like it or not.
  9. I'm a Bal newbie too, and I love the city style! It looks great with lots of stuff or with not much, I think, and it's the perfect size and hangs on the shoulder so nicely... Good luck choosing!
  10. Vicky2007 the colors you love sound wonderful, a City is perfect..big enough to carry a lot (see the thread 'what's in your Bbag)..and a First although considerably smaller can hold a surprising amount of it carried my fetal doppler, cellphone, wallet, sterile gauze pads, sterile gloves, doppler gel,stethoscope, BP cuff and lipsalve!
  11. LOL, let me guess your profession. :yes: And all that in a first? Wow.
  12. am so glad to know someone else carrying medical equipment in their BBag!! i've felt a bit unglamorous and slightly odd occasionally toting a stethoscope, shears, sutures, etc. in the bag i take to work. felt incompatible. now i feel more normal! we should post in What's In Your BBag section!!:yes:
  13. Vicky, theres a new style coming out too, called The Slim (I think), here's a picture of it in the new magenta color>


    I like the idea of this tote styled bag, maybe I'll get it in EB or new mage, have to wait and see in person.
  14. I'm quite partial to neutrals. Between your choices though, I'd say go for the blues. Any shade will do ;)
  15. i agree with the others about trying out all the different styles first. it really helps to actually model the bag in person. i love how how you are going for fun colors. for my first b-bag, i went with the classic black city. then went for the colorful ones after. good luck in your decision. 08 is going to be another great season.