Help a newbie out!

  1. Helly boys/girls!

    I'm new here, and I have a question!

    Do the speedy's always come with a box? :crybaby:
    Because I bought my mother a speedy, the largest size, a 40 I think, and they didn't give me a box with it...

    Should I ask again for a box the next time I'm going to buy something there?

  2. Hi and welcome to the PF!

    Speedy's don't always come with a box, but it never hurts to go back and ask.
  3. usually you have to ask for a box
  4. Hi, and welcome!:yahoo:
    They always ask if i would like it gift wrapped in which YES i do. That way it comes with ribbons and tissue paper n box etc.
    Im sure you could go back and ask for the box.
  5. i bought a speedy 30 in hongkong it was just in a paperbag but the wallet i bought came in a box. if you buy an LV from a regular collection it doesnt ussually come with a box but if you buy from a limited edition collection thats when the package is with a box. i bought a leopard adelle last year the package was in a box though i didnt bring the box with me because it was taking too much space in my luggage. hope this helps;) ;)

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    - Sandriz Ace
  6. my speedy 25 didnt come with a box, but last time i went in to the boutique i just asked for one, no problems xx
  7. i always make sure to ask for a box, even if its a simple mono pochette i'm purchasing. so ask everytime you purchase something (my mom uses them to store her craft supplies).
  8. sometimes you have to ask for one!
  9. I bought mine in Knokke and they didn't give a box with my bags :sad: I even asked for one and they said "we can only do gift wrapping like this" And she showed me a really thin folded box, not like the ones I see on here) I've never seen a bag sold in a box in that shop...
  10. When my Dad got my Mom her Speedy 25, they gave her a box......

    Really OT- That clown in ur avatar scares me :p :wtf: