Help a newbie Male on Birkin 40

  1. I know this may have already been covered but what are your opinions on a guy carrying a 40cm birkin- i'm thinking its a work bag (since the s-a-d briefcase is also about 40cm)- (btw i'm 6ft, reg build and not overly fey;))
  2. I think it would lok very European:smile:. But whether you should use one for a briefcase depends on the industry and the culture at your company, don't you suppose? Ad agency, Conde Nast, seventh ave, yes. Investment bank, maybe not so much?
  3. I think that a guy can pull of a birkin 40 or larger or HAC in the larger sizes
  4. Travis - ABSOLUTELY very chic and on a side note if you are single, carrying a birkin will be a HUGE CHIC MAGNET.
  5. Yes.. a guy carrying a 40cm Birkin would look very good. I personally like it.
  6. I think it would be a bad idea since I'm trying for a 40!
  7. I think it would look very stylish. GO for it.
  8. I second the HAC post. Very, very chic and built for work, too... a great alternative to the tried and true briefcases every other guy has!
  9. Even if we aren't after a chick magnet per se, it will certainly be a magnet for those with impeccable taste.
  10. I have a 40 and think it may be a tad bit smallish for a guy, maybe a 45 instead? A larger HAC would be perfect too...just keep in mind the weight, you'll be bench pressing that birkin once filled!
  11. Depends on the rest of your personal style, the way you carry yourself and the bag, as well as the color.
  12. ^ tried out one of my sisters 40's and too small- i'd go back to my original plan of a large HAC (though foolishly i passed on the last one that was in sloane street!!)
  13. i think a HAC is more masculine, as a guy too I am eying the one at my store (40, barina gold/toile) every time i go i get my sa to show me it, I woudl love the bag as an everyday work bag (when i finish school) but unfortunately i don't as yet have the funds.
  14. I just got my Birkin 40 in Vache Liegee Noisette and I loved it! So do my colleagues in my law firm. But I do think that you look more chic with the Birkin if you are dressed up in a suit as opposed to casual wear. :supacool:
  15. I read this post yesterday and have been thinking about it quite a bit. I have come up with the perfect bag for you, BUT, in my usual style these doesn't exactly exist.

    You need: (drum roll please) 40cm Black Barenia with Matte Palladium Hardware

    I know -- I know -- Perfect.