Help a newbie decide? Multicolor Insolite Wallet Black Grenade

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  1. Hi all!! Im super new so hopefully Im going about this the right way... Sorry if Im not

    I need help deciding if I should make a purchase or not. Im very interested in buying a multicolor insolite wallet in black with the grenade pink interior. I called the 866 LV number and turns out there are a few available in my area. I know they're retiring the multicolor so I was surprised and happy to find out I could still get one new. I just received a new NF, so I feel guilty making another purchase so soon...

    Am I getting sucked into the hype of the "multicolor discontinuation" frenzy? Is the insolite not a part of the discontinuation or did I get lucky finding one? Too buy or not to buy, that is the question! :confused1:

    Thank you in advance for you help!
  2. So. I have an Insolite in White MC. And I almost never use it. But not because of the color. While I love the look of Insolite, it drives me mad that the wallet has to be opened completely to pull a card out of a slot. I know its designed that way to keep the cards from falling out, but ugh. It just sits in my closet because of that! SO. Be sure you like the Insolite for itself, not just because its Multicolore. Hope this helps!
  3. I don't own any SLG's from LV, but I like the idea of a wallet the opens flat and LV doesn't offer a ton. Plus the insolite can be carried as a wristlet which is cute :smile: So I think Im set on it.
    Its more so the multicolor that Im torn on. I was going to save for a few months and buy the classic monogram, then I called customer service not thinking Id have any luck... and turns out there a a few in my city. So Im wondering if this is a piece not actually being discontinued after all. Id hate to miss out... but like I said I just received a NF as a gift so is it worth another purchase so soon?
    Thanks for the reply!
  4. Oh its definitely discontinued. So if you love the MC, then you best be getting it now! :smile:
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  5. I bought the white mc insolite wallet. I find myself loving it and lucky to get them before it disappear
  6. #6 Jul 21, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2016
    I would definitely get it if it's available for purchase!

    I own the Insolite in the Monogram & absolutely love it! Love it so much I sold all my other wallets & use it when I need a full size wallet. It is so unique & love to use it as a clutch when I don't want to take my entire bag with me on quick errands. 3 years later & still looks new with absolutely no card slots stretching at all!
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  7. If you have the opportunity to get a hold of the wallet then now would be the time to do it before they're all gone. Best case scenario is that you love it to bits and it's an instant favourite. Worst case is that you discover it's just not for you and you can either a) return it for a refund or exchange (providing it's unused and within the specified time frame) or b) you can sell it for the same amount you paid (give it about a year and you may even be able to sell at a premium since the demand will still no doubt be high).
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  8. Thanks everyone! Going to go pick it up tomorrow if it looks good in person :smile:
  9. Hi there! Would you mind sharing what state or region you're in?
  10. Nevada
  11. Did you get it??? :biggrin: