Help a newbie choose Carly/lg Bleeker duffle

  1. Hi ladies,

    This will be my first coach purchase, and I'm having a hard time choosing between these two bags. If you were choosing one in the signature pattern, which one would you choose and why? I think the Carly is trendier, but I'm also drawn to the Bleecker. But Bleecker girls, do you lose things in that bag? I fear that it will become a dark hole and I'll be digging forever to find things. I value your opinions and thank you in advance for your advice.

  2. Im all about the Carly. I absolutely love mine. Honestely I just havent learned to love the bleecker line yet.
  3. i just got my mom the medium duffle and it looks really roomy! i got the lg carly for myself and it is wonderful lol!!
    i think you will be happy with either bag. it all depends on what fits your life style
    i like the fact that you can wear the duffle across your body.
  4. i have a med chocolate carly and i love it! the large was way too big for me (i'm 5'2)and my stuff. the khaki sig fabric makes me nervous---to light!!
    that particular Bleecker doesn't wow me. i really like the look of the large leather duffle but again, too big for me.
    carly is the most popular coach bag right now.
    bleecker duffle is a reinvented classic.
  5. The Carly is my favorite!
  6. I am just now starting to really like the bleeckers, but between this one and the Carly I like the Carly best.
  7. I don't care for the Bleecker line....I love the Carly though!!!
  8. Carly Carly Carly!!!! :yahoo:
  9. I love the Carly too. I want one for xmas, maybe in dark brown!
  10. I'm no help to you because I'm trying to decide the same thing. I really like them both but I'm not sure which one I like better. I think for me, and maybe you too, I just need to go try them both on and check them out IRL. Sometimes that makes all the difference.
  11. Love the Carly!
  12. I definitely recommend trying them on first. I tried on alot of bags I liked online in the store today & it was a whole different ballgame. Even the medium bleecker duffle seemed too big for me... of course I'm barely 5'3". I bought a medium Carly, the large looked nice but was more bag than I needed. Good luck :smile:
  13. Both purses are nice but the Carly is a bit cuter and more girlie...So another vote for the Carly.
  14. I am ready to buy a new bag too and I was looking in the store the Bleecker and looks weird on me. But I bought the Bleecker wristlet and I love it!
    I don't know what is the thing with Carly, personally I don't like it so much. I bought a small carly in Macy's for $114.00 the last week but just because was 50% off. It is blue like denim... I guess is called Carly Denim. I don't know. But honestly I don't like any of your choices, maybe the carly is a little better, I like that one in red.
    Is your decision, is your bag. Do whatever your heart tell you! :rolleyes:
  15. I like the Carly much better. I actually have that exact same bag.