Help a NEWB!!! Which lines are calfskin?

  1. Hey Chanel lovelies! I'm trying to branch out from Hermes a little and I think I need one, maybe two Chanels! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Ask me ANY H question but I'm a TOTAL Chanel newbie and just slightly less than clueless. :p :yes:

    I DO know that lambskin scares me and is probably not right for my busy mom lifestyle, except maybe for an evening bag (decided on E/W flap or soft n Chain pochette.)

    Now, for a black day bag, what would you guys recommend? Which lines are made from calfskin and would be more durable? I love the soft hobos and maybe flaps but don't care too much for totes.

    I appreciate the enabling!!!
  2. I'd say most lignes are calfskin:yes:, sometimes deerskin.
    Hree's a few lignes to look through in the Reference Library:
    Diamond Stitch
    Vintage Ligne {not truly vintage ;)}
    Luxury Ligne
    Cotton Club
    ANYTHING caviar
  3. GT...
    I am so glad you stopped by the chanel forum.... :smile:
    As far as durability... caviar is very durable....
    as far something that is hobo-ish... maybe a baby cabas?
    let us know what you decide after looking at the reference library....
  4. Thanks, ladies!! And I thought Cambon was lambskin.... Okay, lots to choose from!
    I think the baby Cabas is HOT. But aren't these really HTF?
  5. Hey ya GT! to Chanel? wells its always so nice to see the price tags of chanel's vs H! :smile:

    Anyways good luck deciding, let us know if you have any other questions and btw, don't be scared of lambskin (esp. in black) its actually pretty darn durable...I've seem tons of black lambskin vintage in almost perfect condition! Just light stratchs and things (sorta like box-calf) but of course calfskin, aged-lamb, or caviar is a more sturdy.
  6. ^ Hey Yorelica! Not giving up H, just taking a price breather. :smile:
    So far, loving the Diamond stitch and to look at some more eye candy!