Help! A new Bbag for me, a man. Yes! but which one ?

  1. Hello,

    In few days I'm going to spend a week in Paris and after a luxurious (the leather is gorgeous!) '07 café mens DAY bought in le Printemps de l'homme 3 month ago, I'd like to buy another Balenciaga bag. Yes! But which one ? A 'men' type? No matter if it's rather a 'feminine' model...
    I'm lost: A part time? A weekender? A work ? And then what color ?
    Some advice from you ladies but also from you guys? :rolleyes:

  2. I like the Courier on guys and since you already have the Men's Day in a neutral dark brown, how about a brighter color like Ocean or a chameleon-like Anthracite?

    The Work or Part-Time would look good on guys, depending on if you need/want the strap.

    When I was shooting this large suede bag, I thought about how good it would look hand-held by a Man:

    In addition, I was just viewing these cool non-moto Men's bags at
  3. like the 3rd one in Balenciagas collection.....

    black courier....big and manly!!!
  4. I am not a big fan of the Courrier. Definitely too big and not practical when it is full of stuff.
  5. not sure about the style, but get something in sienna! Can you get the men's Day in sienna?
  6. Get a work!!! What colors are you decideing btwn????
  7. I agree a work, ICB rocks witha work, so i think its a great style for a guy. Not too big and a great shape. What colours do you like wearing? Do you want something to blend with your wardrobe or a POP of colour to stand out? ICB has an amazing marigold work, maybe he will chime in as hes a guy with great style!
  8. go for a work! black?
  9. Hey - see bag 2 - why are Bal copying the Chloe Betty just as Chloe are discontinueing it????

    Nice suede bag that though.
  10. I saw a man in Barneys Beverly Hills carrying a black RH part time across his body and it looked hot. He'd removed the tassels...
  11. I think a Part-Time is good if you prefer a strap. Otherwise, ITA that ICB really rocks his Works, they look great on men, IMO! Good luck with your decision!
  12. I think about a Part Time or even a Work...But It's true I 'd like a bag with stap but I worry the Part Time strap will be too short to carry it across the body? I like the size and the shape of the Part time. About the color: blue navy, blueberry, plomb will be great. It seems to me that Part time are available only in few colors (different of the city bag)
  13. I think that someone mentioned a leather worker who would produce a longer strap on here a few weeks ago. I can't remember who it was but you might be able to find the thread by searching. Lots of people seem to be interested in getting hold of longer straps to wear bags cross body.
  14. Doesn't the part time have a longer strap than the city? I think any of the colors you mentioned would look great!