Help a man find a Gucci bag for his wife

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  1. My wife really wants a Gucci med. horsebit hobo, but not unlike a lot of you, I don't want to pay $1K for one. Any suggestions on where to make the purchase at a reasonable discount without having to take all the Ebay fake risk? I bought one on Ebay, but the zipper was a dead giveaway.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!
  2. :yes: Well..If she REALLY wants it..And you REALLY want to make her happy and buy it for her....order it from the Gucci website..It will be all nicely packaged...No worries about authenticity...I KNOW it's expensive....It's awful how much $$ we spend sometimes! But lol look where we are..The Purse Forum!! Otherwise you'd have to hawk ebay and it's just too risky if you don't know what to look for...I'm not sure how many members there are here now but you don't want 3000+ women telling you to buy it for her do you? So I"LL do it..BUY IT FOR HER!!! Right ladies?!?!? :heart: Emmy
  3. I am going to second the opinion of Emmy! If that is what she REALLY will be oh,so nice, all boxed up properly, in the Gucci bag, is a lot of $$$, and I guess it depends on if you can afford it without too much stress???!!!
  4. I third it LOL! I have the large style in this bag it is a beautiful bag that she'll have forever!
  5. hi, your best bet is to go to Saks or Neimans and open up a card in their store, you'll get 20% discount i think.. is that right gals?
  6. I'm with Pixie! Great idea!
  7. I think Saks offers 10%, if they have it online you can use a discount code there as well. That bag is one of Gucci's most popular designs and its just not going to be on sale otherwise. Sorry!
  8. good luck
  9. Bluefly has carried fake bags in the past so I wouldn't buy from there.

  10. oh really?... jeez... i was just lucky then, i got the authentic one months ago (had brought the bag to gucci boutique for checking) :smile:

    thanks for informing... gotta be careful however
  11. good morning everyone I'm a newbie here! I bought a Gucci a while ago and I was wondering what i need to look at to validate it's authenticity... is there a place i can run the id numbers? thanks Renee
  12. Happy .. try posting ur Q in the authentication sticky thread at the top of Gucci forum :smile: