help a lady out

  1. a friend of mine is deciding between chocolate and ebene clemence for her next bag - a cacahuette:heart:. the hardware is ph on both.
    any thoughts on the distinctions between these two browns in clemence leather? it would be greatly appreciated, and time is of the essence.
  2. I've always loved Ebene.
  3. I am partial to the richness of Ebene, although it is cooler. Does she look better with warmer or cooler colors would you say? If the former, then perhaps Chocolate, if the latter, Ebene.
  4. I think it depends on her coloring and preferences in wardrobe. The chocolate is a bit more brown, I think. Both are yummy in clemence - you really can't go wrong!
  5. so interesting. please keep it coming. i think she has to make a decision by tonight or early tomorrow.

    if the chocolate is a bit more brown, how would you say the ebene leans? towards what?

    and also the consideration has to be that it's one of these colors in clemence leather - different leathers show colors differently. are either of these colors better or worse in clemence?
  6. does she like chocolate or coffee?
  7. HH,

    The brown color reference thread had Ebene and Chocolate Togo...which is the closest leather to Clemence. Clemence of course is more "matte" I think, so the sheen would not be there.

    GF has a Clemence Ebene Massai....

    I think Chocolate is true brown. Ebene is almost black with brown undertones...
  8. one of the strong points of ebene is that it goes well with both black and brown. and the white metal makes it very modern.
  9. <--- My Picotin is ebene. I love the color because it is sooo rich dark chocolate. It's beautiful! :yes:
  10. Does ebene look black in certain lighting?
    Which color would be more versatile?
  11. HH, if Chocolate leans more towards brown, then Ebene leans more towards black/espresso for me.
  12. Chocolate is a warm, nutty brown. Ebene is the color of dark chocolate and a completely different COOL brown. I LOVE it. And with the cool palladium HW, can't be beat.
  13. I think ebene is an aquired taste--actually, like dark chocolate! Its very pretty, especially as it ages, but its very saturated. The chocolate is a bit warmer, creamier. Think of them like 72% and 50% cocoa respectively. Dark and Milk. Though the ebene to me has a bit of a green base tone.
  14. I'm the lady that hh is helping out, thank you hh!
    I really like all these descriptions that members have described. It just makes it harder because now I want both of them. I have to decide on one and I have to do it very soon. I do know that I don't like black in clemence.
  15. Love this description...and I agree...ebene has an undertone that is difficult to some lights it almost looks like charcoal brown???