Help a Kooba newbie! Lining question...

  1. I always thought that all Koobas were lined in suede. However, I noticed on the Saks site that some (like the Brooke, I think) are fabric-lined. I'm confused b/c on eBay some people describe the lining of the Jillian, for example, as "ultrasuede," which is synthetic, as opposed to regular suede. So do all Paiges, Jillians, Jessies and Annies have suede linings? Whenever someone lists a Kooba with a fabric lining, I'm almost always suspicious that it's fake... Thanks for your help!
  2. My Sydney and Holly actually have a heavier, dark brown fabric lining, my Annie has an ultrasuede interior-I don't think it's real suede.
  3. Koobas lining fabric before last year was ultrasuede lining (not real suede) and then now for all newer bags this year their linings are brown cotton.