Help a guy buy a purse

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  1. #1 Apr 22, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2016
    So I'm browsing the market for one or two new purses. To recap, I'm a straight guy and there's really nothing feminine about my figure, physique, or personality. So this is one of those holy crap this straight guy actually wants a woman's purse moments. I only have a few bags and they don't get much use. The bags I have are somewhat feminine so there aren't any expectations in what you suggest. I listed my collection below :biggrin:

    I prefer soft leather bags and have taken an interest in Kate Spade. I am looking for something reasonably priced but functional and usable. When I first started looking at bags, I didn't care what the general opinion was about carrying one, but I usually try to stick to less feminine colors like black, some tint of grey, or some variation of camel as opposed to pink, although I won't lie, I have seen some really attractive pink bags.

    Since I am straight and don't carry hygiene products, sprays, and cosmetics, I was thinking maybe a small and medium sized bag are within view. I carry around a small laptop that's 11.6 inches and it would be nice to have a bag small enough to carry that without being excessive in size but it's not necessary. I thought about finding a bag that has compartments but found very few that even existed let alone were attractive.

    I really like the Kate Spade small and mini crossbody product line. There are a bunch of different product names that are similar. So anyway, just thought I would chime in and get some suggestions. Keep in mind I'm trying to stay away from the upper price ranges at least this time around. I would totally buy a Balenciaga but the price point is high and considering the application and my situation, it's not a priority to buy one at this point.

    Coach 9541 Black Leather Hobo

    Coach F10909 Black Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

    Coach 8A01 Black Leather Hobo
  2. If you're looking to venture out of just plain black bags, may I suggest nautical stripes? The nautical style is chic on everyone, male or female. Kate Spade does stripes very well and in many varieties. I think there are many crossbodies that will work for men. I also think guys look good carrying a big oversized shopper tote.

    You will probably get more comments if you post a few bags you are considering as people can then point out good or bad features about each bag to help with decision making.
  3. Hmm.
    Not all gay men I know carry around hygiene products or cosmetics.
    But the ones who do teach me important things. Such as clumping liner into my eyeball corners is a tragic look.;)
    Bought this crossbody, in black, as gift for straight man.
    Dionigi. Leather. From Italy.
    Many pockets. And masculine, square shape.

    He also uses frye logan messenger. Leather, in cognac.

    Found blog, which describes dionigi bag in detail--plus has more good suggestions:

    Hope helps.
  4. Thanks for the advice.

    I will look into both suggestions. Kate Spade does have some nice nautical striped bags.

    This isn't bad looking.
  5. On the givenchy forum there's a thread of guys wearing their givenchy bags - might be worth a look?
  6. Yep, that's a nice bag in an interesting oxblood color, although how do you feel about patent? In the end it comes down to personal style I think. Trying bags on is important. Agree with Pessie that there is a lot of inspiration to be found in the premier forums like Dior Homme, Givenchy, LV which have guys' threads,

    Are you looking at other brands other than KS? I think Madewell has pretty nice leather bags too, more minimalist though. I like their new Brisbane bags a lot.
  7. Hermes Evelyn
  8. Check out Skagen (super soft leather, and their outlets which have great prices may ship), Will Leather Goods, and Il Bisonte.

    The Coach bags you posted are not current styles so I am going off my old memory, but they might not be big enough to fit your laptop without the bag sitting oddly.
  9. #9 Apr 23, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2016
    Yeah they are not current styles and are not big enough to accommodate much. I might sell them all in a collection auction although I don't expect to get much. They are in perfect condition however. I really don't need a wide assortment of different bags at the moment. Just two nicely styled and sized options for daily carry.
  10. Yeah I will do some research on the suggestions here. I have looked at some other brands but still undecided. I have to find two sizes and two styles that work. There are obviously more selections and styles in the women's product lines. Plus I like many of the styles designed for women. I'm not much of a fan of patent leather but sometimes it fits the bag.
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