Help a guy buy a gift :)

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Gift for SO

  1. Cartier Sweet Trinity

  2. Tiffany DBTY .17, YG

  3. Cartier Diamants Legers SM, YG

  4. Other

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  1. #1 Jun 24, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
    Hello everyone! I'm looking to purchase a necklace for my SO. It's likely to end up as her daily driver. She does not have any "staple" pieces other than a Mikimoto strand.
    I have spreadsheet-ed this to death and am stuck between the below. Feel free to recommend other options if I'm overlooking anything in this massive world of jewelry. Any and all help/input is greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Versatility of the three tones of gold
    Symbolism of trinity

    Simple, subtle
    >ct than Cartier

    Simple, subtle
    Smaller diamond, but more sturdy (?)
    Cartier packaging is >>>
  2. Out of these choices, I would recommend the Tiffany’s dbty. My dbty is my daily necklace and I love it!!!
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  3. I think Tiffany DBTY is very comfortable to wear on daily basis. But because of its simple design, there are a lot of similar necklaces out there made of zirconia and crystals.
    I also heard my friend said the back of the diamond (pointy part) would constantly poke the wear’s chest, if the diamond is the bigger size.

    I personally prefer jewellery with a renowned design, my suggestion with similar price range to your existing choices is:

    Van Cleef and Arpels Vintage Alhambra necklace in Mother of pearl and YG
    Your wife have a Mikimoto strand, so she might prefer MOP. There are also other options such as onyx, camelian, plain gold and pave diamonds, in YG, RG and WG.

    Have fun deciding.
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  4. The VCA is gorgeous as well! Another one on the board to choose from. Thanks for that recommendation and your notes on the DBTY.
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  5. Cartier Trinity.
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  6. My suggestion would be either the Cartier Trinity or the VCA Alhambra. I wouldnt go MOP if she has a pearl strand already though, since its nice to have something a bit different.

    If she's a fan of yellow gold, I absolutely LOVE the guilloche 10 motif alhambra, but that might be too expensive, I don't know how much it is offhand. In general though, any of the plain gold alhambra pendants are really sturdy for everyday :smile:
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  7. Thanks everyone for the input! Some of you nudged me to take a look at the VCA Alhambra. I landed on that for the gift. No doubt I'll be going down the list of the other options as months/years pass by :smile:
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