Help a girl to find her first it-bag!

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  1. I am quite new at this, and found this forum while I was searching for my first designer bag. It certainly looks like I found the right place to consult the experts :smile:

    I am looking for something v-e-r-y classy, a bowler/doctor style, clean lines and superb leather (of course). An "all day long" bag, basically...

    Tod's D-bag and some of Prada's models come to mind (but no Louis Vuitton please. I reallly don't like this all-over-monogram style).

    I'll appreciate your input and suggestions.

    Many thanks,
    Classy Girl
  2. Ok Classy Girl! Welcome! :welcome2::tpfrox: Have you considered the YSL Muse bag? It has the bowler shape, is classic in style, great leather and ageless! Also you can usually find one on sale at or sometimes at Welcome and happy shopping!
  3. awww no LV? simple, so for your first i would have to saaay... something Chloe perhaps the Paraty or can never go wrong with a classy Chanel...good luck:smile:
  4. Before you write LV off completely, take a look at the Speedys in Epi leather- they're textured and have a color choice, and the only LV is in the lower right corner, and is heat-embossed so it isn't obvious.

    I'm also not a fan of the all over monograms, but I LOVE my epi bags. They're pretty much weatherproof, too, so you can carry them in a downpour and not damage them at all.
  5. exactly:yes:
  6. how about an Epi lockit from louis vuitton!??
    VERY classy; great look, extremely versatile - a true beauty!!!
  7. What about the YSL Muse? It's a very classic looking bag.
  8. bowler/doctor style, i'd say YSL muse too...
  9. YSL Muse seems like a good fit for what you're looking for
    I prefer the Tod's D-Styling Bauletto Medio to the D-bag

    btw I understand where you're coming from about the LV, not a fan even with the epi leather
  10. Gucci's bowler bags are super cute, and very "it" still.
  11. I think Prada is a great way to start off in the handbag world. What's your budget? What color are you looking for?
  12. Marc jacobs makes some really cute bowler bags. There is a marc by marc jacobs aidan and baby aidan (I used to have the baby aidan). Good luck on your search.
  13. I love Marc Jacobs too! Timeless an classic. Botkier has some nice, classic bags too in that style
  14. I think Prada is a great choice, they have many different styles, and I think you'll love it. YSL Muse is also a great choice. Of course it all depends on your price range!
  15. Thank you all for the helpful recommendations!

    Unfortunately, where I come from there are not any "formal" designer boutiques (beside LV and Gucci who chrage twice as much you would have paid in the US, for example).

    This means I can look for the things I want either online or when I travel abroad.

    Since my budget is also quite limited (about $500-600) I will probably look for a pre-owned bag on e-Bay. The color should also be quite conservative (black or brown).

    I must admit that since my first message here I spent hours on the net, browsing desginers' formal websites, e-bay, authentication guides and what have you. It is endless!

    But now I know one thing for sure: when I'll have enough money I must have a Bottega Veneta. I just cannot take my eyes off their bags!