Help a girl out? Louis Vuitton Sandals #588036 in size 38.5 in your state/country!??

  1. Hi girls..

    i'm dying for the above pair of LV sandals... need one in 38/38.5 in anywhere outside of Australia...

    If you are free.. and know the number of the LV store near you.. could you be to kind as to make that call for me??

    for #588036 in size 38.5 OR 38...... please note the price as well!! thank you!!

    eluxury doesn't have my size, australia doens't have my size too..

    THANKS VERY VERY MUCH!!!! Pm me with your results! if possible... i'll return the favour if i can!
  2. omg, those are GORGEOUS!!!! i'll call 866vuitton for you tomorrow before i head to class =)
  3. thank you thank you!!.. i need them ideally in 38 i think.. but 38.5 is ok too....

    as far as i know.. LV doesn't really do mail order for overseas... but let me know if 886 has them ok??

    thanks heaps!
  4. I saw these in the store a while back. They're $1050, give or take, I can't remember exactly.
  5. really?? which store sweets?? :heart: :heart: :flowers:

    do you mind making a call for me to see if they have it in a 38/38.5?? also.. whether they do international mail ordeR?

    thank you so much!!
  6. those are the most INCREDIBLE shoes I've seen in years-good luck!
  7. I saw them on 5th Ave. I will try to make a call later this afternoon. : )
  8. No luck here in NYC. Have you tried 866Vuitton?