Help a girl in a cloud of confusion :P

  1. hehe hey guys im new, but would really love your advice! ive saved up for months now and want to treat myself to a lush new bag!:yahoo: im stuck between the classic fendi spy, and the new miu miu coffer! the spy has so far cuaght y eye more, but what do you guys reckon? which would you all go for? many thanks :smile:
  2. Fendi, of course! ;) Though I have to say that the miu miu is growing on me, I still think that the fendi has greater staying power. Good luck! And post pics when you get her!
  3. lol thats the thing, the miu miu is definately growing on me! ahhh so many beautiful bags around:p
  4. True, but if it grows on you much more, I'd say get both! That always solves the dilemma. ;)
  5. TJ - can you post a pic of the coffer you are referring to? I know there are several....:graucho:
  6. I have a Spy bag but not the Miu Miu coffer, so I guess you know my answer.
  7. I do like the miu miu coffer but the gold hardware can look a little over bearing (depending on which style you are referring to) plus, the ones I have tried on are much heavier than Spies....I would go for the Spy, you won't regret it!:yes:
  8. Both are my favourite bags but I went for the spy bag first cos the look was unique. The coffer is unique too but maybe because the spy had more designs to choose from. I would hope to get a coffer later on, if possible.