Help a girl decide?


Which colour for my Day?

  1. French Blue (RH)

  2. Aquamarine (RH)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. As my wishlist says, I've decided to get a bbag this season, and I'm pretty darn certain it'll be a Day. However, which colour do you think? French Blue or Aquamarine? I've only seen the FB IRL and its stunning, but I'm quite attracted to the 05 turq meets 05 teal quality of the Aqua, since I love both colours sooooo much and am too chicken to buy on eBay.

    So, what do you guys think?

  2. hi englishgirl!!!!
    both of your choices would complimet your collection really well, but I prefer the aquamarine because the color is more mixed, whereas the FB is a very pure blue straight from the crayola box. I personally prefer more indescribable colors... Hope I helped you a little bit!
  3. I agree w/danae - plus the french blue in a day would be a whole lot of bright blue! Think the aquamarine still 'pops' in a more subtle way. :smile:
  4. ^^agree with the 2 ladies above. i pick aquamarine over fb.
  5. I'd go with FB, especially since you have Apple green I think another bright colour would be a great addition!
  6. Both are beautiful BUT I think Aqua would be a more versatile color.
    Good Luck with your decison!
  7. I picked Aqua since I love turq.! Good Luck!
  8. I like french blue.
  9. i like the aquamarine, english! good luck!!!!
  10. I voted for aqua because I love the color. For me, french blue in a day bag would be too bright, but it's a matter of personal preference.
  11. aqua all the way, i am going to have one in the city, i can't wait!!
  12. aqua
  13. Both would be stunning, but my heart belongs to aquamarine.
  14. I love my french blue twiggy, but if I were getting a larger size bag I would go for the aquamarine.
  15. I say Aquamarine, because it's such a striking color and it's really cool to the eyes! :heart: