Help A Girl Decide .... which one should I get ???

  1. I THINK I like this one best:

  2. or this ...

  3. Oh wow, they are so different. That's a tough one because I love the luxury bowler.
  4. OR maybe one of these ...

  5. is that the new expandable? if so, i pick that one!
  6. I kind of want something that I can also wear on my shoulder when I shop :p
    but I usually only use hand held kind of bags so I guess I want it to be BOTH - LOL! I love the look of the Cloudy Bundle but it might be TOO tote like ...

  7. I know! and that one is on eBay so I can PROBABLY get a better deal on that ... it is the Large size, do you think it fits good on the shoulder also?
    also, I might like this particular bag better in the Dark Silver ... *sigh*

  8. YES! isn't it beeeuteeful :love: can't wait to see it IRL ... and in the Camel color ....
  9. For me, I'm 5'2" the large bowler was too big. If I recall the large doesn't really fit over the shoulder comfortably.:sad:
  10. I am also 5'2" and own the khaki deerskin medium bowler. It is absolutely perfect. It fits well on the shoulder and even over a coat. I would definitely tell you to get the bowler.

    I saw the expandable in person. It is beautiful but very large. If you want a really big bag, go with the expandable. But if you want an average sized bag, go with the bowler.
  11. I would definitely get the luxury bowler! :smile:
  12. The bowlers are beautiful, but I agree that they don't fit over the shoulder very well & and I totally in LOVE with the expandable. If anyone has seen a white expandable waiting on the shelf let me know, I'm waitlisted and no call as of yet :crybaby:
  13. The bowler is beautiul. Its my first suggestion since you like handheld and shoulder bags. The first bag, the new expandable is my second suggestion, its unique and I'm loving it. The cloudy bundle doesn't warrant the price IMO.
  14. I personally like the expandable line more too.I agree the bowler would be a PITA to put on shoulder with ease.
  15. I'd pick the expandable!