Help a first timer - white Kelly yay or nay

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  1. I am normally over in the Chanel forum due to my Chanel obsession but I have been obsessing about the move over here for a while and doing my research.

    I looove birkins but know all about the wait...i am still on the list, but have now been offered a white supple leather 32cm Kelly w silver h/w.

    Ok I am scared of the white but have other white bags which i use a fair bit, so i think it will be a good colour for me. What i want to know is - is this a good first Hermes? Clearly it will be totally babied but am i going to have to treat it with more than kid gloves? Any input greatly appreciated as I need to give her a response today - the shop will not hold it :sad:
  2. I think if you really want a Birkin then you should stick with a Birkin because a Kelly is a very different bag, don't make an impulse purchase that you may later regret
  3. Poshhoney, I think as for the color, white is tough, but you sound like you are used to using white. I would completely destroy it in about 2 minutes flat! The kelly is a great bag, and will surely add to your repetoire of lovey bags. I would probably want to get a different color for my first H bag....mostly because when you spend this much on a bag, you want to be able to use it year round. Just MO. Welcome to the world of H!!! It's a wonderful place....and yes, your birkin will eventually come!:tup:
  4. I really like white bags, but I wouldn't want a white bag to be my first H purchase either. I've heard about some white H bags turning yellow after a period of time. Can anyone attest to this?
  5. i have both birkin and kelly in white, i use the birkin much more often
    i agree white needs a lot of care, not everyday bag~
  6. Cherry - how do you find the white leather? I ask because I have a white lambskin Chanel which is really delicate and I have to be ultra careful with as it will show the tinyiest nick or scratch, but then i have a white gucci and a white Balenciaga which are not a problem at all and amaze me with the fact that they look pristine no matter what.

    Thanks! :flowers: