Help a first time coach online buyer!!! :D

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  1. Hello, I've never bought coach online and i just tried submitting the order but they gave me an error message. I just want to order poppy tshirts :smile: So i thought this is a good time to as tPF.

    1. Are there any coupons usually for online or any other discounts besides the free ship over 75 they're having right now?

    2. Also, do boutiques ship free?

    3. Anyone know how you find the fit for the t-shirts? Thanks!
  2. No coupons for online that I am aware of. My FP will ship for free, but, not all do. Also, I am not sure where to find out about the shirts. I have had a couple of gals tell me that Coach clothes run small! HTH Good Luck!
  3. No coupons for online orders. Sometimes if you call in your order they will give you free shipping (I know dh has talked them into it for me).
  4. They've previously had XL and L versions of some sweaters and such, but for the most part the shirts run small (atleast on me). I don't always find the L sizes to be large enough for my wide shoulders...