Help! A Few Questions About the Betty Chain Bag.....

  1. There are a few Betty Chain bags on eBay, (picture below). I am interested, but want to know about your experiences with the chain. I have read some negative posts in the archives about the chain, but don't know if the chain itself is heavy/uncomfortable, or the bag, or ?????

    I have 2 of the Betty Hobos, and they are the lightest and most comfortable bags I own, so I am a little perplexed. I do have a Marc Jacobs with a chain, and it is very heavy and uncomfortable, and, obviously, do not want to get into another bag like that.

    Also, there seems to be 2 sizes of this bag that I noticed on the threads. The one on eBay, below, is 15 x 10 x 5. Did this particular bag with the chain come in 2 different sizes, or are these dimensions for the one and only size? I don't like humongous bags, and don't want to look like I am carrying luggage.

    Thank you!!!!

  2. The Betty bags can be confusing, since there are several styles. I have the above in a burgandy red patent and love it, I really don't notice it being uncomfortable, there is a strip of leather that rests on the shoulder, so the chain itself is not really the main support.
    There is a style that is very large with 2 chain handles, several of us purchased and returned, it was extremely heavy, a beautiful bag, but just too heavy for me. I have a total of 4 Betty's (I know I'm obsessed), 2 large satchels, a tote and the above style, and each one is unique.
    The chain on the bag pictured above is heavy, but I find it more comfortable than my Marc Jacobs Stam hobo chain because of the leather strip on top.
    The above looks like a black patent, my tote is the black patent, and it is so classy/edgy, it's my favorite Betty that I own.
    Hope this helps.:smile:
  3. I have the exact same style as on the photo in Chocolate.
    The bag is not big, yet you can fit quite a lot of stull in it. To be honest, just like llson I have NOT found the chain to be cumbersome. It haven't snagged my clothing or anything....
    The leather strap is at just the right spot... Another plus - the chain handle is long enough to wear it even with your most heavy winter coats, so it was my favorite for last winter :tup:
    Interestingly, it also brought me more compliments than my Paddies :p Hope that helps !
  4. Read my personal reply! I love these medium chain handled Betties with a passion and was even considering buying a third one! Leshent is known to be a safe seller - right? I remember reading that on the "Authenticate this" forum.
  5. I love my Betty chain bag. The only issue that I have found w/it are the threads have come loose. This can be fixed from what I have heard so I am not too worried about it. I size is actually great as you can fit quite a bit of stuff in it... Oh and I have the one in the above pic in black.
  6. Lots of enablers over this purse. Yep I have it too. I think it's my favorite Chloe Bag, but I will say it's one of the heaviest I own. Still I don't mind since it rests nicely on my shoulder. I do not like it as a Summer purse (bare shoulders), however it's very comfortable with a coat or jacket. If you can win this baby at a reason price consider yourself lucky IMHO.:jammin:
  7. Thank you all for your help! I just won the bag above from Leshent!!

  8. YEA:woohoo:
  9. Congratulations!! Please post pics when you get it!!

  10. I bought that bag above of leshent in a burgandy colour! i have bought 2 bettys of her and had no problems.

    I found the bag easy to carry and not bulky. although it is a bit heavy but not too bad! I really love it!