Help a desperate boyfriend

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  1. I am desperately trying to find a purse by Banana Republic from last years addition but I can't seem to find it anywhere!

    I thought someone could help me.

    It is a purse that was navy and had turquoise lining all around the outside. That is all I really remember about it :sad:

    My girlfriend loved it and I want to buy it for her. It's our anniversary coming up and it would make it a memorable one. Please please please help! Thanks!
  2. honestly, its going to be pretty hard to find if its from last season. Do you have any Banana Republic outlets near you? Outlets sometimes carry clothes and accessories from seasons ago, so there's a small chance they might have the purse you're looking for.

    Try Ebay and Amazon.

    if you don't have any luck with finding it anywhere, there's def. other pretty things that you could get her too.

    GL. = )
  3. Try phoning a BR outlet store, which may get in past season stock. Maybe a sales associate can figure out what you mean and possibly let you know if it's in an outlet somewhere. GL.
  4. Hey I found this bag on Ebay - sounds similar to what you're saying, it's navy and it has a green/turquoise edging. I hope this is it. You're such a great BF for trying to hunt this down for your GF :smile:

    Here's the link!!