Help a crazy person decide!

  1. On her very 1st FIRST :smile: I am going mad trying to decide, it's not like it will be my last bag ever, I just want my 1st BBag purchase to be perfect. So what color First would YOU recommend for the 1st one? To give you an idea, I LOVE LOVE teal 05 and the new aqua (aquamarine 07) but I am questioning how neutral they are and how often I could use them. So any and all input on all colors, I need opinions to ponder, thanks! :flowers:
  2. Having seen both IRL my vote goes out to Aqua. I bought a Teal Frist and ended up selling it 'cause I found it had too much of a green undertone. Aqua is a lighter more vibrant color that will be easier to match IMO.

    Cheers to your first Bbag purchase!!
  3. IMO, i like the first style to be in neutral colour, darker one if possibly. i prefer a colour in bigger style like city etc.

    so i would go for something camel or black.
    BUT if it's between teal and aqua, i would go for teal
  4. Haven't seen aqua IRL, but I can imagine it goes with a lot of colors/outfits! I love the pics I have seen of it so far :heart:
    Maybe aqua owners can comment on how versatile the color is?
  5. I vote for aqua. I have an aqua city and the color goes with everything. It is the perfect balance of being bright but also being able to blend with any outfit. I use mine daily.
  6. I vote for Aqua all the way. I have Blue India which is in the same family and I find it to be extremely versatile. I love it with black, gray, tan, white, brown. I think it goes with tons. Aqua all the way!!! :yahoo:
  7. aqua!
  8. I had that problem deciding between the two. I was in love with teal but figure it's earier to get aqua since it's
    current season. The sad thing is immediately after
    I bought my aqua day. I saw a fantastic deal on a teal
    city on eBay. I didn't get the teal and has been regret it since today.
    I love my aqua, but if I can choose all over again,
    I'll probably pick teal.
  9. I've seen both and I have a Teal Work. My teal work goes with a's really more of a neutral that one would expect. Teal is going to have incredible leather. Aqua has more green in it than my Teal. It's gorgeous and brighter than the teal. I would imagine that the Aqua First would be bright and have smooth shiny leather while the Teal first would be more of a neutral with matte and distressed leather. Both are gorgeous and you can't go wrong with either. It really depends on if you want a bright vibrant bag or a more neutral distressed bag. Hope that helped more than confused you.
  10. Hi, personally for a 1st bbag purchase for first style for a neutral or brighter color such as aqua, natural or sandstone and i'm sure u will go for a different style say a bigger bag like work, weekender then go for a darker color such as INK, black, anthracite.....hope this helps....:smile:
  11. Aqua is beautiful and bright but not too bright. It really does go with a lot of things. Sandstone is a gorgeous year round neutral if you want something that goes with everything. Look at the pictures here, get what you love.;)