Help a clueless husband navigate getting a Birkin!

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  1. Hello All,

    I've been lurking for awhile and need some help!

    Like the title says, I'm clueless. I love my wife and want to get her the Birkin bag that she's been coveting for her 40th. I have a couple of months to secure it and have already found out the basics. The bag I want is a black togo 35cm with palladium or gold trim. I'm somewhat leery of ebay for such a large purchase. So here is what I know...

    1. I live in LA and the BH store says they get them frequently (ish) but they are first come first serve and won't give phone info. I even tried contacting them through a very fancy celebrity stylist friend of mine and they wouldn't give up any info for her either. Is there a way around this? Does anyone know how much stock they really receive? I am also in NYC frequently if there is any better info for there.

    2. How much do these bags retail for at the store (35cm Black togo) I can't seem to get a straight answer here. It might help sway my decision one way or another when it comes to alternate sources. This is actually a very big purchase for me so I would prefer not to throw around an extra grand or two if I don't have to.

    3. Should I really be worried about ebay?

    Thanks in advance for all of your help! My wife is a really great gal and she deserves this! Please help her get it.

    I'll keep you all posted on my plight
  2. What a sweet husband you are to try and find a beautiful Birkin for your wife's 40th.

    The current price of a 35 Togo Birkin in the U.S. is $9,350 plus tax. Color of hardware and leather doesn't change the price, so now you have a point of reference regarding new or finding one through a reseller.

    Since you live in close proximity to the Beverly Hills store, I would strongly suggest you start going in there in person and strike up a conversation with a Sales Associate there and tell them what you are looking for and why. Check in often. I would also try the store in South Coast Plaza, again in person.

    You also mentioned travelling to New York frequently. Try the Madison Avenue store as well as the Wall Street store. Again, go in person and state the purpose of your mission.

    You never know when you are going to find a wonderful SA who would be happy to help you in your mission.

    There are several good resellers on Ebay that are recommended on the Hermes section of the Purse Forum. Read through the wonderful resource and sales threads here. Also, there are wonderful sections which would be a great source of info for you entitled:

    Reference: Master List of Brick and Morter/.Com Resellers


    Inventory update - What have you seen, and where?

    one more

    Post Ebay/Web Hermes Finds

    Also, if you do find a bag on Ebay, you can have it authenticated by the very knowledgable people who freely give their time to help us out. Read through the section and follow their guideline for authentication:

    Authenticate This Hermès

    Hope this helps and let us know what happens. Good luck and by the way, your wife sounds like a lucky lady.
  3. Uhh. How did I miss that!

    Thanks for all the great tips... Cheers.
  4. NiceHubby, I think your best bet is to go into the BH store as often as you can and then also keep your eyes open when you're traveling. BH does get black togo Birkins in frequently, but they don't play favorites, as you found out. There are those who don't agree with that store's policy of first come first served, as opposed to VIP's served first, but I think it's wonderful they make all bags available to everyone. That said, you may not see it on the shelf, but that doesn't mean there's not one in the back, so I'd suggest you develop a relationship with one SA, and work with them exclusively.

    My favorite SA at BH is Irene Kim, so you might ask for her the first time you go in and see if there's a rapport between you. I do know that she will go the extra mile for her customers. Good luck with your search, and please do let us know the outcome.
  5. Thanks silkstarh... great tip. Does anyone know whether they will ship to avoid sales tax? I would rather give my wife a wallet too rather than pay california 1000 bucks!
  6. They will ship out of state to a private address (as opposed to a hotel) and not charge you tax, provided there's no Hermes in the state where it's being shipped (otherwise, you pay tax rate for the delivery state). Hope that makes sense.
  7. Can someone recommend some SAs in NYC?
  8. Linda at Wall Street---she is fantastic! :smile:
  9. Thanks Kipp!
  10. Isn't this a nice forum? I love this thread! I hope nicehubby finds what he is looking for to surprise his wife. So sweet...
  11. i should cut and paste this post and stick it around my house for my DH to see... lol

    good luck!
  12. Went to BH this morning and met Michael who my fancy stylist friend recommended... very nice guy. There was a pink crocodile 35cm there... really lovely (personally I would rather have a Porsche but that's what separates the girls from the boys). Here's my question of the day...

    What is the best time to go and check (BH and NYC specifically)? It seems that there are a lot of pros cruising the shop (as in professional shoppers) and I just want a fighting chance.

    Okay, and what odds would you give me for securing a black 35 or 40 with gold trim by December?

    I love this forum...
  13. I think your odds are great.
    BH gets great stock and so does Madison. Just keep checking the Boutiques and this Forum had loads of great info. Frankly, I think buying at the Boutique is the best choice, if possible as the purchase will assure you authenticity. At SCP they are pretty good about shipping so if you have a relative in say Indiana or Wisconsin where there is no Hermes you save big. Also the SAs vary like crazy, some are sort of snobby and others are super accomodating. As far as I can tell, it is luck of the draw. You have several monthes to complete your mission. Focus and I am sure you will succeed.
    Your DW is a lucky gal.
  14. NiceHubby, my bf recently got the porsche he has always wanted and now pushes me more towards my plight for a birkin :tup: might be to sidetrack me while he gets his hands on another car! lol...

    I am glad that you found an SA with whom to work. Keep us updated!