Help a Chanel lady out

  1. Ok ladies, I have been poking around at buying a 3rd LV bag...
    I am thinking about getting the Coussin GM.
    I am pretty sure lots of you ladies have this bag, but do you recommend it ?
    Is it a pretty large size bag, I am looking to have a lot of room.
    How easy is it to carry ?
    Pros and Cons.. I think its the cutest bag...
    here is the link to elux if some of you can not recall what it looks like

  2. I don't have the bag, but it looks really cute and useful. I'd love to hear from someone who owns it, also!
  3. I like it, but was a little disappointed when I finally saw it IRL. Even for being GM, I found it a little too small. :s
  4. I think it's a super-cute bag, but the only thing I wonder about is the width. It looks like if you fill it too much, it will bulge, kwim? That's the only thing I'm not sure about with this bag.
  5. so cute!! but there is the bulge concern.. i guess it depends on how much you'd put inside the bag, if you need plenty of room why not neverfull? or batignolles?
  6. I think it's a cute bag, and have considered getting it also... It's a different shape.

    And not too common. I say get it! And post pics when you recieve it!!!
  7. Oh I have never known this model exists but it sure looks super cute!

    I like it very much! :tup:
  8. My superior actually has this bag. she brought it out to our store's Christmas get together. it's a very cute bag, but it doesn't seem like it would fit a whole lot. i'd have to agree with John in saying that it might be a little too small for a GM. but unless you've got a gift for playing tetris with all of your belongings, i'd probably go for something bigger. i'd go to a boutique and try it out and have other bags in mind as well JUST in case if the coussin doesn't work out as planned.

    but be sure to post pics when you can! :tup:
  9. If you are looking for a bag with lots of room, this bag will not do it. It's quite small. Have you considered other bags such as the Batignolles Vertical or Popincourt Haut?
  10. I also considered this bag, for I like a shoulder bag close to the side, in other words not bulky in depth, but unfortunately, after placing my items in the display model LV had, I saw how it bulged out and even the top closure was not even because of this. You may have less to carry then myself, go to LV and ask for thier display piece this is why they have display pieces and try it out with your belongings and see what you think. I would not buy it without trying it though! Good Luck and thanks for stopping by the LV forum!
  11. Wow! I never really liked the pics on, but these pics are gorgeous!
  12. *wave*so glad to see you in LV! I own that bag, and it's very cute, but like other's said before, it will bulge if itmes are not placed carefully. If you want a light weight shoulder bag, I'd recommend Neverfull PM/MM (Damier is comming out:yahoo:), BH, Tivoli GM or Saleya if you are ok w/Damier too :yes:
  13. Thanks everyone...
    I tried on both sizes of the neverfull, and I did not like the closure- things falling out and stuff...I really loved the shape of this bag and the closure(the double zippers are enticing me)
    The bulging is the problem I am having when carrying my jumbo flap--maybe I need to leave some things at home....
    Guess I am trecking to LV before the game comes on...
  14. I, too love this bag. I tried it on at the store and it was waaaaayyyy small for my needs but I am crazy about the shape!!