help a BV newbie, advice on new bag!

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  1. Hello everybody,
    I'm mostly on the Hermes subforum but wanted some advices from you BV fans!
    Let me say that I don't own any BV bags, but I've seen and touched them IRL and I was amazed at how soft and buttery their leather is.
    I'm pesting the whole forum because I'm on the hunt for the perfect workhorse.
    It has to be lightweight, can be carried on the shoulder, can be used as an overnight bag too (carry my pj, slippers, toilet case).
    So far I'm pondering LV Nerverfull MM, Hermes Picotin GM, Hermes Evelyne.
    Today I searched in the BV forum and the styles I mostly like are
    - Campana
    - Pyramide
    - Veneta
    - Sloane

    Any advice on what model and which size to choose? I read that the Sloane is a bit bulky, so that one could be the last choice of them all.
    Another question: is there a thread here such as "show me what's inside your BV"? It would be very useful

  2. I'd recommend a maxi veneta, the large campana or a large capri. One of these should be able to hold everything you've mentioned. BV is no longer making the capri, but there might be one at the outlet.
  3. welcome maryg1- of the bags you mentioned the only one i have is a maxiveneta. i love it. it is light weight and can easily be worn on the shoulder. it is huge so i'm sure it can carry what you describe. when you are not carrying so much stuff it is very slim and comfortable under the arm.

    here is the thread with the pictures of mine. i don't have any interior but i'll take some and post them asap.

  4. Maxi Veneta or Large Campana or how about a Cabat???
  5. 2nd this! I recently acquired a large Cabat, Maxi Veneta, and 2 large Venetas. I find the maxi veneta and Cabat (med or large) to be perfect for days when you just need that extra room.
  6. mary - i cannot say enough about the cabat - especially if you want an overnight bag as an option.

    i could see the large campana working, but you are such a slender thing, try the bag first. the only thing i don't know is whether the campana will secure things properly? there is a pouch.

    How about a large belly veneta? same idea but fully zippered
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    here are some pix of some different iterations of paille for ss2010 from our lovely SM in hawaii, bryan... in honor of your gorgeous vintage kelly

    cabat, medium belly veneta and nuvolato tote and nuvolato veneta, paille zippered tote

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    then one of my personal favorite new bags of the season - very like the TGM picotin i would imagine. has two criss cross handles but you can drop one to hold bag as seen in pic 2 & 3. interior has open pockets for tucking things away from main bag.

    comes in yolk and ivory and cigar and ivory..... super buttery soft and soooooooo beautiful!

    super price point too, $1980

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  9. I've heard of women using the Maxi Veneta on long trips as their purse/travel bag to hold just about everything and it's sooo comfortable on the shoulder.

    If price isn't an object, the Cabat would be perfect, too.
  10. maryg1 - I really think you should consider the Maxi Veneta.
  11. Of the 4 styles that you liked, the maxi Veneta fits the bill. The Pyramid & Sloane are too small to be overnight bags. Large Campana is a possibility but if it came down to this or the Veneta then I'd go with the latter in maxi (Large Veneta might be a tad bit small to be an overnighter).

    You know, the other BV bag that fits your 3 requirements is the Cabat :graucho: (I recently got one) Not sure if it grabs your fancy though. Good luck & hope you end up with a BV! (ha ha, I'm biased)
  12. Maxi veneta or Cabat may serve as overnight bags. Others are too small methinks...
  13. I agree that as an overnighter the maxi veneta would fit best. If price isn't a factor then maybe the cabat but I would personally go for the veneta as I prefer to have a zip option for security.

    Have fun deciding and do let us know what you get!
  14. Maxi Veneta
  15. how many helpful ladies here!