Help! A Bird Pooped on the Handle of my new BH!!

  1. I put my bag out on the patio on a chair today to get some sun - trying to speed up the patina process. It's a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day, and I've been going out every hour or so to turn it. I just went out to check it, and wouldn't you know..... a big splat of bird poop on my beautiful, new vachetta leather!!!!!!!! I had treated it twice with Apple Guard, but when I took it in the house and wiped it off, there was a dark grey mark. I even tried a little soap and water, but the mark is still there. Fortunately, it's the underside of the strap, but why the heck couldn't he have picked the canvas to leave his mark???? Help!!! Any ideas? What else could I try?
  2. :wtf: what are the chances, OMG I'm soo sorry! Since the bag has been treated, perhaps it will get better when it dried out?
  3. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Try baby wipe it. I also heard of mr. clean magic eraser although I have never tried it myself. Check the FAQ section on cleaning.
  4. OH :shocked: Sorry that happened. Try to wipe the dirt area only with magic eraser but don't treat all of areas with that eraser, it'll make it dry. Wipe if smoothly. Good luck.
  5. def. try the magic eraser! That's what i use on all my bags, new or old. From all my experiences, it gets all the stains and water marks out.
  6. Thanks everyone for that quick and helpful advice! :smile:

    I used both the baby wipes and the Magic Eraser, and the spot is almost totally gone. Just amazing! I think with time it won't even be visible.

    Funny, I toss my 15 year old Speedy around without even giving it a thought whether it will get dirty or not, but this little baby is BRAND NEW!!! Well, I guess........ not any more. She's been christened:wtf:
  7. Glad to hear that your issue is resolved. Sorry that happened to you. If the spot stays dark just hit it with the magic eraser again. I totally understand wanting to keep "brand new" items looking brand new.
  8. Glad to hear she's okay! Baby wipes & the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works like magic. :yes:
  9. phew, thank goodness the spot is fading, don't forget to condition the vachetta after all the cleaning :flowers:
  10. That's what I was thinking! I put an order in for the Apple Leather kit as soon as I bought her, but they are out of stock! And there are no Burlington Coat Factories near me.
  11. yikes, and we are in winter too....any Coach store around you? they sell leather treatment/conditions too, also Welson leather store, or Target's Kiwi (sp? lol) leather conditions (can be found in shoe section) have some good feedback from other tPFers. :yes:
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about that! Blame Mother Nature!
  13. Glad it ended up OK. We on the East Coast consider it 'good luck' when a bird gets you!!
  14. Glad all is well!
  15. Classic Chic - yes there's a Coach store near me :smile: but the Coach website says not to use the mositurizer on vachetta leather??? I wonder why? Will it just darken the leather? A lot?

    Shopsinparis - Oooooh, I like that! I will think positively, and that this will be a fortuitous beginning for the new girl ;)