Help! 866 Vuitton ordering

  1. I'm thinking about getting a few Icons books (if they're are any left) and with no nearby boutique and none on elux, it looks like I'll have to check 866. Having never ordered this way before, I have a few questions:

    1. Do I order directly from them? Or do they just direct me to a boutique and I have to order from them?

    2. Do I need a fax machine? I've heard that people need to verify their cc info by fax or something?

    3. What do they charge for shipping?

    4. Do they charge tax?
  2. 1. Yes. Order directly from them. They will either get it from their warehouse or find a store that has one and then the store ships it.

    2. NO. You just give them your CC info and shipping address.

    3. 10.00 for ground shipping.

    4. Yes, your state sales tax. If you don't have any LV boutiques in your state then no tax.
  3. When I ordered from 1866 number:
    1. The person looked up what I wanted, and transfered me to the boutique.
    2. I don't know if this happens in a ll cases. When I ordered they didn't ask me to fax anything.
    3. They charged $10 ground. Of course if you want faster there's more money.
    4. They did to me since I am in California.
  4. Usually I get transfered to the store too...
  5. ^^^IA.... With all the advice from these lovely pfers.
  6. Thanks guys! :flowers:
  7. I called 866 order mine and they transferred me to the Palm Beach boutique.